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It brings me joy to enlighten, inspire and encourage the modern woman to "live her best life". While I enjoy sharing about family life as a wife and mom with physical disability, you can also find me posting about fashion, beauty, fitness, my favorite recipes (because... who doesn't love food), and so much more. It's my pleasure to notify you that this blog is a personal blog written and edited by me!

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My stash so far...

 Hello, and welcome to my blog. My name is Lizzy and I am a "do it yourself" type of girl on a lot of things. I love being creative with hair, nails, and so many other things!
I would rather bargain shop so as to "Do it myself", than spend a ton of money on already made stuff. I don't always get it right, but I am always open to learning. Practice makes perfect they say.

This blog will be about things I do for myself - so, expect tutorials, maybe videos, a bunch of pictures, sales for beauty products, product reviews, cheap alternative products that achieve same results as the expensive products, and so many other things. Follow, bookmark, and  learn how you can also be a "Do it yourself lady".

Right now, nails are my new thing! I'm on a "Nail Craze" trip right now.

I have visited a lot of nail blogs, been watching youtube videos, and I am  excited about all I've learned so far. From stamping plates, to different color combinations, to everything.

Upgrading my Nail Polish collection (Thank God for amazing nail polish sales)!!!
I am excited to get some nail kits this week. Will definitely be posting those when I get them.

Anyway, in the mean time, here are some pictures of nails done by me:
Another Konad design.
Stamped with Konad plate m57

My current nail design.
Stamped with Konad plate m57.
Wanted a calm color.
French tip.

Nail art, did this before I discovered stamping. 
Pink Tip.

OK. I will definitely be using my better camera for the pictures for my blog posts. These pictures are ones I took before I started my blog.

Also, for starters, if you're interested in a stamping plate (whether you're new to stamping, or already know about stamping), the website, BornPretty is giving away a free Hello Kitty stamping plate from now up till December 31st 2011.
The link for the giveaway and instructions can be found HERE.

I just discovered this website, and I'm pretty excited to find them. I hope you enjoy some of their bargain deals as much as I do.

Till next time love muffins. God Bless you all.. :-)


  1. Ida Pie from Facebook group "Nail Polish Collectors" saying HI!
    I'll give you a tip. Write the names of the polishes you have used for each mani. What plates you used and what polish you used for the stamp. That way we get new ideas of polishes to use.
    Base and top coats are not as important to tell. Unless you feel that some top coat totally ruins your design.
    Good luck and Welcome to bloggin!

  2. Oooh I just saw that I am on your blog list. Made me smile! Thanks!

  3. Awww. Thanks for the tips. Will definitely be doing that on subsequent posts. I have forgotten what I used for these ones with the pictures on here. :-(

    Other posts from now on however will have names of every product e.t.c. :-)

    And Yeppers, I am now a frequent viewer on your blog lady.. You have so much cute designs and stuff. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. YAY!!! liz a beauty bloogg!! im soo excited i cannot wait to see ur new posts!!! and videos eek!! superduper excited!! lemme know your YT when u get one hahah im gonna be a faithful follower!! :D

    ps: i'm sipping on caffeine but blogging is also my drug hahah

  5. Hahaha.. Oh Ore, You're making me excited by being So Excited!! I am pretty happy and Hope I can keep to the hype. I have so much to share... Gotta plan how to do this.

    Definitely going to post my Youtube link when I get one. :-)
    Thanks for pledging to be a faithful follower. I'm learning from your blog too.

  6. SO I have created my Youtube Page. First Video when my Nail Mail Arrives.

    Link is: http://www.youtube.com/user/DoItUrSelfLady

  7. Oh I feel all warm hearted by your words Elizabeth. Thank you so much!
    I usually take pictures of the polishes (the names) so I don't forget. And if I use any Image plates I'll snap a picture of them too.
    I have a YT Account too. Not posting too many videos but anyways.


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