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Showing posts from May, 2012

Surprise Giveaway WINNERS

Hello All... Wondering what the heck this post is about? Love surprises?? I Love having giveaways, and I am always glad to share giveaways with you all. I have gained new followers with some of my giveaways, and I LOVE how you all stay here even after my giveaways end. :-D Today, I chose to have a surprise g…

Deal Alerts: Memorial Day Weekend Deals

Hello Sugars!!! I Am here again.. Piled up some sweet deals I've found for you all... Check out the Sally's Deal I posted earlier. Target Has some Sweet Deals as their daily deals right now. - Liz Lange Maternity Flare Jeans are only $20 Shipped (May 25th Only) - Argyle style socks for men (lovely fa…

Swatches: OPI - Pirouette My Whistle

Hello darlings! Happy Wednesday!!! Whomp Whomp.. the week is moving quickly again. Today I've got a polish by OPI. It's from their recent "Ballet Collection". This was the only polish that TRULY appealed to me when I saw swatches of the collection online. But, I still got a couple of the others i…

Freebies and Deal Alerts

Hello Lovelies... I have a quick post with some freebies and deals I've seen since morning. I posted some on the facebook page, but with so many of them, It's time for a post... :-) FREEBIES. First up, after you read this first one, Immediately rush there to get it if you're interested. FREE Targe…

Swatches: 365 Days of Color - Summer Dream

Hello Sweeties... Today, I've got another 365 days of color polish to show you. I picked this up recently during Sanaz's sale, and got it in record timing. It looked so yummy and almost edible in the bottle, so technically, I had to have it on my nails since eating Nail Polish is prohibited. Lol... (except …