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Showing posts from February, 2012

O.P.I - Pedal Faster Suzi

Good day awesome people! Hope you're having a fab day today?  It's Wednesday, and even though I registered to be part of "we wear Pink on Wednesday" ladies, I really have never made a "Pink Wednesday post".  I didn't plan to post a Pink Polish today, but since I am posting, I gue…

Icing Magnetix - Blue/Purple

Hello Darlings! Today I have my first Magnetix polish to show you. A while back, I went to Icing and got two magnetix polishes. I got the Blue/Purple one, and a red crimson one. What I'm showing you today is the Blue/Purple one, It looked so good, I was so eager to wear it. :-) On My Left hand (my nubbins …

Yet Another Zoya Promo

Howdy again today Ladies, ZOYA announced a new promo code on their facebook page . Here's the fine print from the Zoya Blog . Now through Saturday, February 25 th  2012 11:59PM EST,  ONLY . With the purchase of a  Zoya Mini Color Lock System ,you will receive a duo of  Zoya Maisie, Zoya Kristen, Zoya Mega…

Toxic Seaweed Reloaded!

Hello Dearies... It's Wednesday! Time is flying!!! I Hope your week has been moving along well? Yesterday, I showed you my swatch of the beautiful Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed . I didn't just swatch and clean that one off my nails.. I actually wore it as a full mani because that's how beautiful it is! I …

Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed Swatch

Howdy Pretties! Today I have a swatch of Cult Nails - Toxic Seaweed  for you!  I'll honestly tell you this, I got this polish because it's limited edition. Lol... I didn't want to experience the loss I felt when I discovered that Cult Nails - Unicorn Puke a.k.a Clairvoyant  was no longer in stock. See…

A-England - Tristam

Hello Darlings... Today, I have A-England's Tristam to show you guys. It's one of the polishes I had been lemming for a while and I'm so happy I finally own this. Tristam did not disappoint because it's everything I had heard/read about and then some! It's Opaque in ONE coat, and it shines am…

Sale - Elixir Lacquers

Hey Darlings! Yesterday I showed y'all my first Elixir Lacquer polish - With a K . Well as luck will have it, Nicole announced that she's having a $2 off sale today Only! So all of you lemming some of the polishes, or those of you who want to try it out should hurry now and go grab yours!!! Nicole has…

Elixir Lacquer - With a K

Hello blessed ones. Minute of Silence for Late Miss Whitney Houston. May her soul rest in Peace. ----- Today's post is one of the Polishes I got from Nicole at Elixir Lacquers . This one was the first one I literally fell in love with, and must I say, the polish did not disappoint, and I know our love with …