Testimonials/General Comments

Hello friends, 
I created this page as a way to get general feedback from each and everyone of you. 
Why are you following me? What things do you plan to see on my platform (other than your fave internet niece - Zuri), have you  ever learned a thing or two from me?
Have I ever influenced you to make a purchase? What was the purchase? How did you feel about the purchase? 
Are you a brand that has worked with me? How was our collaboration? 
 Please feel free to leave a comment/testimonial down below. 

Why is this necessary you ask?
Well, I'm happy to answer. As a blogger, information like this helps with self development. 
I would also like to use these comments/testimonials to help establish my credibility in the blogging/influencing space. Testimonials work because they they come across in an unbiased voice and establish trust. 

Basically, what I am saying is that I need y'all to come through for your girl!

 A lot of you send me emails, DMs and leave comments under my posts about these things already - and while I appreciate all of that so very much - I would like to have this information publicly and in one place so that I am able to grow, learn, develop myself and also to leverage it when I work with brands.

I am Tayad of not getting paid my worth and I believe that this form of DATA is something that everyone can agree on when they see it. HELP YOUR GIRL OUT PLEASE! Don't be an enemy of progress. Don't read and exit. LOL

So, whether it's my content you just enjoy, or a product I made you buy, or you want to give a long narrative of why you enjoy following me on social media, or you whatever you want to write, Please write it down below. 
Write whatever you can write that will help to strengthen my reputation and feel FREE to express the trust that you have in me and my social media platforms. 

Thank you!

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