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Glad to have you here!

It brings me joy to enlighten, inspire and encourage the modern woman to "live her best life". While I enjoy sharing about family life as a wife and mom with physical disability, you can also find me posting about fashion, beauty, fitness, my favorite recipes (because... who doesn't love food), and so much more. It's my pleasure to notify you that this blog is a personal blog written and edited by me!

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Testimonials/General Comments

Hello friends, 
I created this page as a way to get general feedback from each and everyone of you. 
Why are you following me? What things do you plan to see on my platform (other than your favorite internet niece - Zuri), have you learned a thing or two from me?
Have I ever influenced you to make a purchase? What was the purchase? How did you feel about the purchase? 
Are you a brand that has worked with me? How was our collaboration? 
 Please feel free to leave a comment/testimonial down below. 

Why is this necessary you ask?
Well, I'm happy to answer. As a blogger and influencer, information like this helps with self development. 
I would also like to use these comments/testimonials to help establish my credibility in the blogging/influencing space. Testimonials work because they they come in an unbiased voice and help me to establish trust when a company chooses to work with me.

Basically, my people, what I am saying is that I need y'all to come through for your girl!
 A lot of you send me emails, DMs and leave comments under my posts about these things already - and while I appreciate all of that so very much - I would like to have this information publicly and in one place so that I am able to grow, learn, develop myself and also to leverage it when I want to work with brands.
 HELP YOUR GIRL OUT PLEASE! Don't be an enemy of progress. Don't read and exit. LOL

Whether you just enjoy my content, my lifestyle, my fashion, my family, tell me below.
If you want to give a long narrative of why you enjoy following me on social media, feel free to do that as well. 

Thank you for taking the time out to do this for me!


  1. Thank you for all the baby products you recommend. I get everything you say you use for Zuri and it truly has never failed. I also love how relatable your posts are. Keep being great and I wish you the best.

  2. Your posts inspire me as a fellow wheelchair girl. Every post reflects your joyful nature. It's inspiring to see.

  3. Hi Lizzy,

    I follow you because I like your personality and I feel you are someone I can vibe with.....lol. I have been influenced by you to buy some baby products for my baby girl and I also use your playlist a lot for my toddler.

  4. You’re my big sister!!

  5. I love your personality, you pass across your message with a little bit of humour
    I have a baby girl so your recommendations for baby products i follow and when you recommend a movie I know its good so I watch it

  6. You really inspire me, you make it look easy and above all “Zuri” is the perfect beautiful baby !!!��

  7. Hello gorgeous! I'm inspired with everything that you do. You've proven that where there's a will there's a way. I love the way you care about us by sharing things that might be helpful in one way or another to us.

  8. You inspire me positively and I love your fashion sense

  9. Your life absolutely inspire me to do more seeing how you are slaying all your dragons effortlessly

  10. Simple - Love your personality. You are inspiring. I usee your tailor to make me a gorgeous dress. I shipped my material all the way to Dallas, travelled therr for fitting and loved the dress. All thanks to you!

  11. You're an inspiration to me. You've shown me that I can do life in a wheelchair and need not worry. I discovered you right on time when I was losing my steam for life and it seemed like I had done everything I could possibly do with/on a wheelchair. You made me realize that I was just starting. I still look forward to meeting you. Thank you for being you...much love

  12. I stumbled over your page years ago then you were pregnant with Zuri, then I lost it again cos i was not following you. Then recently i saw your comment on a post of a nigerian girl with disability. The post was talking about how its OK to say the world disabled and how its not Ok for people to sugar coat it. Your comment struck me and i opened your page and was glad i found u heheh!! Now i have a new internet niece hehe. Thank you for recommending the Vooks app! My boys love it!! Less TV time and more Me time!

  13. I worked with Lizzy on a product review and I was absolutely impressed by her professionalism and efficiency. From providing clear guidance on how the collaboration would work, ensuring that she addressed comments from her followers on the product to tagging us on comments when she couldn't answer the questions; Lizzy did not leave any stone un-turned to ensure the success of a our collaboration. Lizzy went above and beyond and I strongly recommend her services. I was pleased with the return on the investment my company, Simi and Temi, made. Thank you so much TheLizzyO

  14. I love how you are carry yourself...you are a huge inspiration to me...Am always looking forward to your post online....you have a beautiful family


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