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It brings me joy to enlighten, inspire and encourage the modern woman to "live her best life". While I enjoy sharing about family life as a wife and mom with physical disability, you can also find me posting about fashion, beauty, fitness, my favorite recipes (because... who doesn't love food), and so much more. It's my pleasure to notify you that this blog is a personal blog written and edited by me!

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Showing posts from 2020

How To Create An Actionable Vision Board for 2021

Hello world! How is it almost 2021??!! That is the question on just about everyone's mind today! This year 2020 threw a curveball on just about everyone but here we are...getting ready to go into 2021!   I'm fired up for 2021 because I just wrote my first ever e-book and I'm shaking! 🤣 CLICK HERE  to ge…

MUST-HAVE Amazon Baby Registry items

This post is sponsored by Amazon. Hello world, I am throwing it back in today’s post to share some of my favorite Baby Registry items that I used with my daughter - Zuri. This season, a lot of people are announcing pregnancies, and if you’re one of those people - first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Secondly, I would highly…

Importance of a good bed sheet set

Hello world! Mommy and Zuri here today. These days I have been doing my best to prioritize sleep. Being a mom and a self-employed entrepreneur I had to make time for adequate sleep so that I can be my best self all around. To get good rest, a good bed sheet set is essential. Cue in Sijo Home Eucalyptus bedsheets and …

Confidence depends on your mindset

“How are you so Confident Lizzy”?  The answer is quite simple. Confidence is developed when a person has a full sense of being and has reached the mindset where circumstances they can’t control no longer affect them. One of those confidence shattering circumstances is incontinence/bladder leakage and Depend Brand S…

Financial Freedom is possible

Thank you CreditRepair.com for sponsoring this post. CreditRepair.com’s team understands that a credit score is not just a number; it's a lifestyle. Why is it so hard to talk about money? I’m not sure if it’s my upbringing or just society, but money talk has always been hush-hush for me until the end of last…

Living a Purpose Driven Life

Hello world,  Waking up to one terrifying news or the other certainly has a lot of people - myself included - reflecting on life. I find myself praying more and more that I spend my time here on earth fulfilling my purpose and leaving behind a legacy that my father in heaven will be proud of. If this year h…

Turned 31 and reflecting on Life's lessons

Hello world, can we chat for a little bit?  I recently celebrated my 31st birthday and it had me reflecting on life. I know this is common with new age, so I fully immersed myself in my thoughts and allowed myself to FEEL everything I was feeling. Every birthday is special to me - and became even more special after…


This post is sponsored by Ergobaby . All Opinions are 100% mine.  Hello world,  As a family with a toddler, a baby stroller was an essential purchase for us.  When my daughter Zuri started walking, I was as happy as every mom would be, but little did I know that her little legs would frequently get tir…