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Sally Beauty Supply: Mini Haul, Deal Alert, and Swatches of Sally Girl - Snowman Glitter

Hello Sugars.

The weekend is upon us, and all around me, I see Christmas decorations already.
Thanksgiving isn't even over yet.. Aye!!! I can never understand why stores and some houses do this. Lol... But I'm not complaining (much), because I LOVE Christmas since Christ is the reason for the season. :-)

Anyhoo, Yesterday, I went to Sally Beauty Supply to pick up Acetone and the China Glaze Holiday Set called "Holiday Charms".

Here are the goodies I got from Sally's.

A Quick Story before I continue. (Since I'm sure you can see more than Acetone and the Holiday Charms in my picture). LOL.

I had been in ULTA earlier during the day and I saw the Holiday Charms polishes in a set. They were in a 9.5ml bottle each, 4 Polishes. I asked the sales lady how much the set was, and she said $16.95. I Opened up my mouth and chose to call my Sally's to see if they have the set (Since I have a $10 off $20 Coupon), I figured it'd make more sense to buy at Sally's if they have it.
I Called the store, and the sales lady told me they had the set for .....wait... for.. it.... $8.99!!!

I Immediately ran out of ULTA. I couldn't believe they were selling it for almost double the price. Warraheck???

Fast Forward some hours later after spending an amazing evening with some friends, I went to Sallys (before closing time.. Lol), and I found the set! Picked it up, got some acetone, and THEN, I saw a deal I just didn't want to pass up on.

Here Goes the DEAL ALERT part of this post.

Sally's is currently having a Buy 3 Finger Paints nail Polishes ($3.99 each - reduced price), and get a FREE Purse of your choice in Pink or Black. I needed a small purse like the one they were offering - so that I can use it as my makeup bag that goes in my big hand bag - so I was like... OK! PLUS I Loved the colors of the finger paints polishes too, so I just HAD to steal the deal.

Alright.. Now more detailed pictures.. :-)

The Finger Paints Polishes and the FREE Purse (with three FP Purchase).
Polishes are: Finger Paints (Left to right) - Hollydazzle, Midnight Sleigh Ride, Elves bells.

And here's a detailed look of the purse. Gonna be a cute make up purse in my hand bag. I was using the freebie target beauty bag before, but this one is cuter and has a tiny bit more space for a little more makeup.
This purse is originally $8.99 by the way.

And Here's my China Glaze - Holiday Charms Set. I fell in Love with Glitter all the way when I saw swatches of it, so I was on the lookout for this set. 
Left to right: Merry Berry, Red Satin, Winter Holly, and Glitter all the way. Swatches will be on the blog soon darlings. 

Next up is a Sally Girl Polish that ... that... that... is just too cute! Lol.. 
It's Red, and in a snow man Bottle... The name is glitter, and it was $1.79. 

I Immediately wanted this polish to be used for my weekend mani, so YOU GET To see Swatches! YAY!!! 

Application was lovely with this. It got opaque in two coats, and the only polish I have that's close to it is Zoya - Delilah (which doesn't get opaque in two coats). SO I'm happy with this little polish here.

The little flecks and shimmer in it are so cute!! It transfers from the bottle to the nails, so YES for that!!
Look at this blurry picture...

Welllll.... That's it for now darlings. 
Remember, if you're going to Sally Beauty Supply, USE THE November $10 Off $20 Purchase Coupon Code. 
I show the ladies the picture on my phone, so I don't even have to print it out. 
I don't know how long the purse deal with 3 Finger Paints Polish will last, so you might wanna hurry if you're interested. :-)

I Can never get enough acetone, so yay! 
P.S: I gotta make a post about how I mix acetone with glycerin and water to use as my polish remover. :-)

Until Next time, Have a wonderful weekend. 
God Bless.


  1. Awww, what a cute little snow man, I *like* him! :D
    Great haul, and great that you didn't end up paying too much for it all!

    1. That's the best part. Not paying too much. :-D
      Thanks dear.

  2. I love the snowman Polish...does the hat come off? I tried just showing them a coupon on my phone and they said they needed a physical copy to put in the drawer. Since my computer died that's a total bummer :(

  3. I got the same purse deal last night! I picked up two of the silver glitter Finger Paints from the holiday collection (can't remember the name atm) and a teal for a gift. Awesome deal! :)

  4. I have one of those snowmen in a green glitter top coat. It's pretty nice polish! Ashlee - the top hat does come off, it's the handle for the brush.

    1. Thank you...I was hoping that it came off and the brush handle was underneath but no biggy..its too cute to pass up :)

    2. Thank you so much for replying. :-)

      Glad you got a response Ashlee.
      Yes, the hat comes off. It's the handle for the brush. :-)

  5. I like, this beauty.. visit my blog Nama Bayi Perempuan, thanks lady ...

  6. Oh what an awesome haul!!!! O_O I've never seen those snowman polishes before; too cute!!! :D
    Wow, Ulta is sooo expensive!!!! O_O
    I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! :D It is my favourite day of the year!! :D

  7. great haul! I bought the same set of minis that same day! I wish I would've picked up the snowman.


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