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DIY: How to Style Your Long Hair Yourself in Different Ways

Hello Loves.

Today on the blog is a DIY - Do it Yourself tips, provided by the people from Sassy6.com.
I hope you all enjoy!

With Christmas and new year around the corner, there are so many places to go and your hairstyle is something you want to get right if you know what I mean ladies.

There are so many occasions that call for partying and celebrations. With more reasons to celebrate being added every few years or so, it makes sense that you prepare for your look ahead of time, lest you panic and end up looking not-so-great at the next event you suddenly get invited to. A great way to prepare is by knowing how to style your hair in different ways. Although you can ask the help of a hairstylist so it is done well, styling your hair on your own and with the aid of different styling tools and supplies gives you a greater sense of fulfillment.

Here are the different hairstyles that you can try:

Soft Flat Iron Curls

These can be created using a curling iron, not a flat iron. Curling irons have rounded and skinny business ends. The first thing you need to do is to brush out any tangles on your dry hair. Then take some of your hair either from the part of your hair or at the back and start curling it, making sure to create a wave rather than a full curl. Repeat this step until you have run the rest of your hair with the iron. 

Once you have done this, smooth the curls by running a pick through it. Run the iron on the ends some more until you feel that the curls look good enough. Lastly, get wax or pomade on your fingers and run them through the different strands of your hair to make them smoother.

Braided Topsy Tail
Braids are best sported during the summer season. To create this braid variant, you first need to section the hair on one side from the ear forward. On that same side, place what remains of your hair on the side. Then invert the ponytail by making a hole near the roots and then pushing the end section of your ponytail through it. Next, take the section that you left out and then braid it.

Once you have done these, loosen the braid. Do this by using your fingers to pull on small sections. This makes the braid look messier. Next, tuck the end section of the braid through the hole that you made for the inverted ponytail. Hide the end part of the braid by wrapping it around an elastic band, and once you have done this, get bobby pins and use them to secure it.

Messy Updo
This stunning, yet messy hairdo is perfect for anyone who wants to look fun but still formal. To create this do, you first need to loosely curl your hair using a curling iron. If you do not have a curling iron, you can use a flat iron instead. You will want to make your hair wavy.

Next, backcomb all the roots to add some extra grip for your bobby pins. Then section out all the hair strands on the heavy section from the ear forward and secure it with a clip. Place the rest of the hair in a ponytail, and just pull your hair halfway through your ponytail one last time so a loop is created.

Next, scrunch up and spread those curls around the loop. Pin the hair so a messy bun can be created, and then let the remaining hair down and create a waterfall braid. Lastly, drape and pin the end portion of the braid located across the top portion of the messy bun and finish the look with some hairspray.

Little Fishtail Braid
This braid variant, a combination of the ponytail and the braid, is a perfect hairstyle to sport if you want to look so lively and bubbly. To pull this look off, you first need to have fun and feel really happy.

Already in the mood? Pick up a large part of hair, preferably one that is very close to your ear. Then wrap it across the back part of your head and then bring it to the opposite side. Next, pick up a similarly-sized portion of hair near your other ear. Then bring those two sections together on one side of your head, get an elastic band, and then tie the sections with it.

Now that you have created the ponytail, take it and make a fishtail braid, making sure to secure the end using another piece of elastic band. Pull on parts of the braid using the fingers so that they will loosen and look messy. Lastly, finish by cutting the elastic you tied near the top of the head to remove it.

What makes long hair great is that they can be styled in very many ways. However, remember to ask a professional hair stylist on the kind of hairstyle that fits you best. She may recommend to you the use of hair extensions, and for the best-quality hair extensions, you can check out: http://www.sassy6.com/hair-extensions.html.


That's it for now y'all. 
I hope you all enjoyed this post and get to styling your hair using some of these lovely tips. 
I love the fact that those of us with short hair can still style our hair by using extensions. 

Take care darlings. 
Till later, God bless. 


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