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Life Update: Facelift, Wedding Plans, 2016 Goals And Lots More

Hello lovers!

First of all, Happy New year to you all.
It's 2016 and I can't believe that my first post is coming this late.

However, there is an explanation! Life has been busy! I was making some changes to the blog and redefining my brand as The Do It Yourself Lady. Now that everything is in motion, I am READY for 2016!!!

2015 was a very wonderful year and it's safe to say that the highlight of the year was getting engaged to the love of my life. I cannot wait to marry him this year and celebrate our love with all of our families and friends present.
We've been together now for what seems like forever, and even though we are ready to just begin the next part of our lives, we have to wait a bit while we plan OUR wedding!

~*Wedding Planning*~

Wedding planning has been interesting, LOL... If you know me, you know I'm a procrastinator who believes that all things work together for good. That sounds nice doesn't it? Well, the real truth is that I can be very lazy and shove things till the last minute, but our upcoming wedding sure has changed me!

I find myself researching vendors and actually making plans! The only word I have to describe this process of wedding planning is Interesting. I am discovering more and more that the wedding industry is out to make one go bankrupt if one is not careful (LOL). I have lots of stories that I will tell on this matter, but for now, the only update I have on the issue is that it's an interesting process to plan a wedding.
The wedding planning process has somehow also influenced my DIY powers. I find myself thinkiing of color combinations and DIY projects I should take on.I spruced up my work space with some wedding-like DIY projects as you see below. LOL.. Yes, Quick photo printing, a cheap frame that I added some bling to, a vase and some lovely flowers picked out by me.

Here's what the mug says up close. This was a mug I got during Christmas 2015. I love it very much! 

This little corner at my work place actually brings me tremendous joy. lol.. Staring at le boo and I can never get old. I love the top picture of us so very much. My lovely sister friend who was present at our proposal took such great pictures. Check her out by CLICKING HERE.

 I really love the flowers and colors! Florists better watch out.. I might be arranging my own bridal bouquet DIY-style! ;)

And just because I love the mug, here are some more pictures.


Although it appears that the wedding planning is the main focus of almost every Bride-to-Be, I have other wonderful things in the works for my personal life. My aim is to have a very lovely wedding, but I understand that the marriage itself is the koko (main deal). I have been making some changes in my personal life, and one is getting a facelift.... For the blog. LOL.. Hahahaha..

WAIT!!! I hope you didn't think that I went under the knife?

Naaahh, I didn't touch my face y'all. I'm referring to this blog getting a facelift!

If you have been a regular follower around here, you'll notice that the blog looks completely different than what it used to look like.
Updating and revamping the blog has been on my mind for so long, but I never got to do it till now.

With the help of a new friend who is also a blogger Kemi Chronicles, I got the info to a store on Etsy and was able to revamp the blog with the help of the store owner.
Please feel free to email me at Lizzy@thediylady.com if you need the name of the store on Etsy. The owner devoted her time to perfecting my vision in giving this blog a FACELIFT! When she was done with her part of the work, I made some tweaks (texts and minor details), and now we have THE NEW LOOK for THEDIYLADY.COM!!! I'm especially smitten with the new LOGO.

If you're reading this on your mobile device, you might not get the full experience, but here's a screen shot of the desktop version below. :)


I have so many goals this year and I have written them down, and I pray that the Lord help me to accomplish them all. 
Some goals I'd like to share with you, just so I'm held accountable are related to my brand as THEDIYLADY
- I'd like to blog at least once every week. 
- I'd like to take my YouTube channel more seriously and start doing more videos (Please subscribe HERE so I can be motivated to post). 

Those are my two main goals for THEDIYLADY Brand.

And Just because I feel like it's been a while since you saw my face, here are some pictures of my face to round up this post.

And this last post takes us back to the the wedding talk.. I love every reason to take a picture of my left hand. LOL.


Let's Conquer 2016 together!!!
Feel free to comment on anything I've discussed here. Ask questions and also share some of your 2016 goals with me in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for visiting.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so very much. Hope to see more of you around. :)

  2. Replies
    1. You are still so wonderful. Thanks for the warm welcome.

  3. wow we got lots in common,nice post,I'm inspired to pursue my goals as well..I hope my vlog gets on this year as well and my wedding happens as well.. it's interesting to plan a wedding but stressful too but then the things we do for love yea?..2016 is so conquered and I wish you the very best Lizzy.

    1. Hey Karah, I'll be checking out your blog. Thank you for stopping by and congrats on your wedding too, and YUP! These are things we do for love. Lol. I wish you continuous success.

  4. First time reader. Nice write up. And congrats on your engagement !

  5. congrats qt!! I'm next to the same step (just 8 months away��) I wanted to know where did you brought the cup! I loved it! #itsgoingtobeanamazingyear

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