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Wedding Update: Our Love Story and Engagement Pictures

Hello Darlings,
It's been a little while I blogged and I'm sure you all understand when I tell you that wedding planning is the only excuse I have for my absence.

I love you all for the support you've shown me over the years, and for always always checking on me when you feel my absence.

Majority of you have asked me countless number of times for our pre-wedding/engagement pictures and it's my joy and pleasure to share them with you.

My Fiance (Amen) and I had the great pleasure of being featured on Bella Naija Weddings, and without further ado, PLEASE CLICK HERE to read our love story and see MORE pictures from our engagement session taken by DamellPhotography.  Damell gets my continuous praises for his genius photo taking skills, ideas and especially for ensuring I got on these stairs to take pictures without the wheelchair in view! Y'all know I have no problems with the wheelchair, but getting to take engagement photos without it sure made me feel all giddy on the inside. Le Boo and I loved every moment and felt like rock stars!

Major thanks to all of our friends and family members who have always been our support system. More thanks to one of my bridesmaids - Winner, who was with us all through the many hours spent taking these pictures!

Shout to my amazing wedding planner/coordinator: Touch Of Jewel, and also to the best Makeup Artist ever liveth who slayed my face to perfection: Flawless Touch Makeover.

#Amizzy2016 is Loading and this bride-to-be is managing to keep calm. :-D

Thanks for reading and I Hope you all enjoy our story and photos on Bella Naija Weddings.

Till later, God bless.


  1. Congratulations dear. Beautiful!

  2. Congrats Lizzy. May God bless your beautiful union together.

    Gorgeous and Oh the pictures "flawless"

  3. awwww YASSSSS!!! i am in LOVE with both dresses u have on omg super excited!!

  4. Congrats Lizzy. May God bless your beautiful union together.

    Gorgeous and Oh the pictures "flawless"

  5. Hi sweetie, it's fantastic to see how happy you are together! Congratulations on finding love! ♥

  6. Hi doll,being courageous is the first thing I love about you.
    Your decision to not give up has made you an Inspiration.
    Congratulations hun!
    I love le-boo's name!

  7. Congratulations Beautiful.
    To God alone be all the glory

  8. I gasped when I saw the first photo.Very beautiful,inspiring and just heart -warming.May God bless your marriage!

  9. So sad am going to miss this special occasion. Congratulations my darling. Blessings

  10. Dear God!!! I am so so happy for you two dearie.. May marriage bring you every good things it comes with. Congrats again.. *hugs*

  11. Congrats Sweets...i am super duper excited for you. You are a great inspiration. Keep doing your thing and know that there are still more and more great stuff to come your way. Would like to meet you some day

  12. Congratulations sweetie, so so happy for you.

  13. Congratulations! Your trad wedding video was so beautiful and I loved seeing you rock!



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