By Lizzy O. - 2:40 PM

Hello lovers. 

Happy Second day of spring! 

I wanted to make this post on the first day of Spring but life happened and here we are today. 
It's just another fashion post showcasing all the beautiful colorful-ness that spring times brings. 

I'm also rocking this hair I shared with you all sometime ago, and in case you're wondering why it looks different, it's because I straightened it. Man, that hair REALLY keeps on giving! Once again, it's a beauty supply store hair! Just Amazing!

While I love spring and the blooming beauties it brings, I certainly cannot STAND Spring Allergies! My glasses look fashionable, but the truth is, they were hiding my very red eyes that wouldn't stop producing water from all the allergens in the air. 

I wore this gorgeous jumpsuit and paired it with a blazer I thrifted a while back. I'm sort of color blind and these colors seemed to compliment each other in my eyes. Lol

The blazer was necessary because it was still a very windy day. 

Looking forward to summer time so that I can actually wear my jumpsuit in all of its glory without a blazer. 

But the wind made my hair fabulous thooo... LOL

And That's it for now yall!!

Thanks for visiting,
Till Later, God Bless.

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  2. Hi Lizzy! I luv the combo of the two greens (blazer & jumpsuit) it's gorgeous!

    & inspiring to see someone enjoying a gorgeous spring day…..I'm a maussie (an aussie of mauritian parentage, currently living would you believe in the baltics (northern europe) and I'm so over this seemingly never ending winter here!

    …..we are now into the SIXTH month of cold weather (it's still only 3 or 4 degrees Celsius during the day and zero @ night).
    so checking out yr style, is helping me look forward to a new look and the spring that by God's grace will come here too, sooner rather than later, for sure…..xxo
    ....faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen ~ : )

  3. correct! pepper them diylady..keep slaying jare. God got you sweet


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