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Be Confident in Who You Are

Hello world, 
Over my short years in life, I have come to realize that confidence will take you to places you never imagined. Happiness is ....Not Guaranteed. It is fleeting, but most importantly, Happiness is... A choice. 
It's a choice we all have to make at various points in our lives. If one always has to wait for the perfect conditions, or situations before s/he can be happy, that individual might live most of their life a sad, sad person.

I have learned that in life that our situations or conditions aren't always how we want them to be and if you wait for everything to be perfect, you'll most likely never find happiness. Which brings me to today's topic about being confident. 
We've heard of the phrase "Fake it to make it", and while I personally think it's best to "Faith it to make it", the sentiments remain the same. 

We all have to, at different points in our lives, Choose to be confident or let fear ruin our lives and stunt our dreams. 
The decision to choose the path of faith, not fear isn't always an easy decision.

I am not saying that one shouldn't feel fear or express their sadness at certain situations, because the gloomy, fearful and sad days will come. But I have learnt that the quicker I am able to shake off those feelings, the better I am able to focus on the brighter things in life. 

SO dear friends, I hope that you make the conscious decision to always see the brighter side of life. Sit up tall in who you are and remember you are a child of the one true king. 

Count your blessings and make the best of every moment. Go forth and conquer this life you've been blessed with!

That's it for today, 
Thanks for visiting. God Bless


  1. Very true Lizzy. Love ur outlook on life. I m a firm believer that life is all about choices you can be happy even in dire situations. Iv met sick and poor people who were happy with the little they had. I mean if we not happy with the little we have what makes us think having more will satisfy us? Let's choose to see the best in people & situations believing that they all work out for our good! As the good book says.
    FB page : Life as a paralyzed widow redefining her purpose

    1. You have hit the nail on the head with this comment. Yes indeed. I love your outlook. Thanks for visiting

  2. Hmmm. Food for thought. Well said.God bless you for sharing. 😘

    1. Indded it is food for thought. Thank you so much for reading.

  3. My confidence in relationships and marriage began when I saw you dancing and having fun at your wedding. Hi, my name is Nokwethemba Vilakazi from South Africa, born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 3. I've been following your life, since your engagement and I can't thank you and your husband enough for being a clear picture of the future that I desire, work for and pray for daily. Thank you so much guys, I'm really grateful, but the way you slay in fashion, 👏👏👏 I need tips

    1. Hello Nokwethemba, You are wonderful! Please never forget that. Thank you for your support and I pray alongside you that your wishes and desires will be fulfilled in Jesus name. As for fashion, I always say a smile is your best accessory and confidence will take you places. :)

  4. Faith it to make it! That's solid I love it... great post, its wisdom and very true. I love the top by the way.

  5. Your pic is so touching. Hope you always be happy


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