Thrive! Don't Just Survive...

By Lizzy O. - July 24, 2017

Hello World, 
How are you all doing? Hope everyone is having a lovely start to the week. 
Over the course of my blogging, I realized I never truly shared what my goal for blogging was with you guys. 

I enjoy sharing my style posts with you all and I even loved the days when I was focused on sharing my nail polish and painting adventures with y'all. But in recent times, I've taken my Youtube channel more seriously and I started sharing more "behind the scenes moments" with you guys. I love the seemingly perfect pictures and poses on my blog, but I honestly just want to tell you all to please follow my youtube channel so that you can see the "real life" moments that happens. 

My wheelchair style posts all began because I wanted to be the answer that comes up when a newly disabled person googles "how to look cute in a wheelchair" 

Shortly after my car accident, I found myself googling similar questions and wondering if I could still look cute on a wheelchair. I would search for things like "What kind of clothes should I buy as a wheelchair user", "Cute girls on wheelchair" and lots more! 

It may sound shallow but I was really concerned about my looks once the doctors told me I could no longer walk again. As most of you know, I had a car accident that resulted in a spinal cord Injury that left me with the only options of using a wheelchair for mobility.

Despite the tragic accident and it's effect on my body, I was somehow able to go on living a very optimistic life determined to live above my disability and prove to myself and others that NOTHING would hold me back from being my absolute best. 

I am not a Pro at this yet, but I honestly hope that my journey inspires everyone out there - disabled or not-  to thrive and not just survive

I don't want this post to get too long or preachy, so I'll stop here with this message: 
The devil can't take your calling, but he can take your, don't let him catch you slipping... #BeBold #YouAreAForce

Be determined to rise above all that could be holding you down. Difficult days will come, but persevere and show the world that you are a force to be reckoned with. 

The Top I am wearing in this post is from Tobi. CLICK HERE.

Thank you guys for visiting my blog. 
Please don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel. I post videos every Wednesday and Fridays. 
That's it for now, Till later God Bless. 

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  1. Your post is so inspiring with great photos.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment and for reading.

  2. Thank you for helping me to rethink my ability in my disability

  3. Your post is so inspiring with great photos.

  4. You look so beautiful in that clothes. I like your style.

  5. You look so beautiful in that clothes.Your post is so inspiring with great photos.I love your post very much!

  6. Wish you happy forever. thanks a lot for your sharing


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