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The Best Baby Documentation Book: The Short Years

Hello World!
Time is flying and I just can't believe it. It feels just like yesterday when I shared with you that we had a baby girl, and today she's 3 months old. As you can imagine, I am always taking photos and capturing every moment because it's true that they grow too fast. Before I had little miss Zuri, I had great plans to document her entire life... ok not really... lol, but I certainly planned to document all the "firsts" she would have. 

As TheDIYLady, I had plans to get into scrap-booking, print all the photos I take of her and create a baby book. Well, one month after she was born, I realized that doing ALL THAT was more work than I could imagine. Having a newborn baby certainly leaves no room for much DIY so I started having mom guilt because I could not document everything about my little girl like I wanted to. 

Anyhoo, fast forward to one great night while I was browsing through Instagram; I saw an ad for a baby book called The Short Years and I was instantly intrigued because the app said one could create an entire baby book on their app. The more I read about the app, the more it looked like exactly what I needed! I said to myself, wait a minute... does this mean I won't have to print, cut, or glue photos to a traditional baby book? 

Needless to say, I knew I had found the perfect way to save memories from my baby's first year. 

I actually cried when the book arrived and I was looking through it all. It is such a sleek and modern design. Gender neutral look and would make for a perfect coffee table decor.
The entire book is created and ordered on an app. The app was very easy to use and it is quite detailed. You are asked to answer questions you'll want to document for and about your baby (I have no doubt a mom created this app.. Lol).

 You also don't have to wait till your baby turns one to order the book - which is why I was able to order my book and get the first few chapters I have been able to fill in. As you complete 3 or more chapters, you can request for those pages to be sent to you and you add the pages to your book. 

 There are extra pages for photos. You can also see what the pages in the book will look like before sending your pages in to order - I love this feature very much. 

I should stop rambling and just say get the app if you really care about documenting your baby's first year and even some moments before baby's arrival - like the baby shower, maternity photos, first ultrasound etc. I can't wait to see what my book looks like at the end of it all. So far, I am impressed with the chapters I have completed and love the beauty the book is turning into. 

I was able to maximize photo space by creating collages and then uploading them on the app as one photo. The print quality on all the pictures are GREAT! The app tells you how your photos fit in the book.

Everything is seriously QUALITY. 

The app can be found in the Android Play Store of apple App Store.

Let me know what your thoughts are! How did you document your baby's firsts? 
Thanks for visiting, 
Till Later, God Bless. 

All Opinions are 100% mine. This is a sponsored post.


  1. Love love this.

  2. Oh I love this. Must get to document baby's first. HisGo thank technology


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