Delta Children 2 in 1 First Race Walker: Review

By Lizzy O. - July 11, 2019

Hi world, 

As a parent, I believe one of the most exciting thing about parenting is watching your children grow. My baby girl Zuri is almost one year old and I am seriously in awe of how fast the time is flying. One minute, she was being born into the world, and now, she's practicing walking with her Delta Children 2 in 1 First Race Walker. 

This walker has grown with her because she used it from when she was only sitting in it and practicing moving her two feet to now being very excited to push it while she's out of it. She loves the music feature on the walker and also enjoys the beeping sound of the horn. I personally love the color scheme and how safe the walker is. The cushion she sits on is well padded and the glide of the tires aren't too fast. The walker was easy to assemble and it came with great instruction. The height is also adjustable so you can fix it as your baby grows taller.

Watch Zuri in action below in a video I shared on my instagram page.
If you're interested in this walker, CLICK HERE to get it directly on and use my coupon code: TheLizzyO for some discount.

Also, you can find this on amazon and walmart.
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