Baby's First Birthday Photoshoot : MonbebeCouture Dress

By Lizzy O. - August 16, 2019

Hello World!
I am in awe as I write this because it's still so surreal that I have a One Year old!!! ME!!! A whole ONE YEAR OLD Child! 

My daughter - Zuri has been a source of joy and blessing in our family. I am not just saying this because I'm her mom. I am saying it because she is actually truly a wonderful child. God's hands is evident in her life and I am so excited to watch all that God has in store for her unfold. 

We had birthday photoshoot a few days ago and my girl was loving every minute of it. I Vlogged the entire process and you can watch that on my youtube channel HERE. I even shared clips to walk down memory lane montage in  the video. 

Her main birthday dress that stole the show was from MonbebeCouture and you can use my code: LizzyO for a significant discount. Seriously, click on that link if you're trying to buy a dress for your little one. Birthdays, weddings, any special occasion? They got you!

Photos were taken by a professional photographer because mama wanted to rest from Do-It-Yourself projects for this one. We absolutely loved our photographer - Jennifer Venegas Photography

We also had a Smash the cake session and even though my girl is not really a fan of sweets, we managed to get some great pictures. 

Today I am going to hug my baby tight, pray for her as I always do, and see if she will actually eat some cake. LOL
Putting together her birthday shoot vlog and montage, and writing this post has seriously filled me up with sooo many emotions. I am so grateful to God and thankful for his blessing. 
Watch out world, Zuri's growing up!

That's it for now folks, 
Check out MonbebeCouture and catch up on my Vlog. 

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