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Vaseline Lip Therapy

Hello World, 
Happy new year to you all! Hope your year is starting off great! Personally, my year is starting off really chill because I have decided that self-care and pacing myself will be my priority this year. I hope you all remember to take care of yourself in every aspect as we begin the journey to a new year. 

In today's blog post, I want to share with you all my newest obsession: It's a beauty care product and I have been using it nonstop! It is the Vaseline Lip Therapy balm. Vaseline is a brand that I grew up using and I am sure it's a brand most of you are aware of. 

The Vaseline Lip Therapy now comes in a stick form so this makes having the soothing power you trust from Vaseline even more portable. I throw one of these in the bags I mostly carry: my handbag, my wallet, and even my baby's diaper bag. I really don't want to be caught out and about without one especially during these cold winter days.

I think it's safe to say that nobody likes dry and crusty lips but I personally love using the Vaseline Lip Therapy on my lips because dry lips do not look right and they could easily lead to bruises on one's lips. I take way too many pictures and videos to allow that to happen. 
I also have to mention that I keep my lips succulent and soothed because of kisses! Yes, yes... kisses from my husband but also because I am always showering kisses on my daughters cheeks! Can you blame me though? Look at her cheeks!!!

Have I also mentioned that the Vaseline Lip Therapy products come in four different varieties and they are really affordable and easily accessible at your local Walmart? Yes, you read that right. Run to your nearest Walmart right now and grab your choices. 

First up, there is the Original. Which is my absolute favorite because I love classics. 

 Then there's the Rosy lip: Which is my second fave because it has a tiny hint of pink. 

Then there's the Aloe Vera

And last but not the least, the cocoa butter (which smells amazing)!

With this many options, I am sure there is bound to be a choice for you! Checkout the Vaseline Lip Therapy sticks right now at your local Walmart for the soothing power you've come to love and trust. 
Till later, God bless. 

These products are also available in value stores including Dollar Tree,Walmart, Dollar General, and Harmon Face Values.
Till later, God bless.