Tyme Blow Dryer Review : Natural Hair Update

By Lizzy O. - May 08, 2020

Hello guys, Long time no see. 

You're seeing right. Lizzy let her natural hair come out to play! 😆🙈😆 I am my own personal hair dresser and I love when I have the right tools like this TymeIron blow dryer to help make my job easier.
After washing my hair, I was able to blow dry in record timing all thanks to the @TymeIron Blow Dryer.
The dryer is powerful, the settings allows you to control how much heat you put on your hair and to be honest, I also love the beauty of the blow dryer! Can somebody say Aesthetically pleasing? 🥰😆 Check out my stories for more and for a swipe up link to purchase.
P.S: How is your hair looking during Quarantine? 👀
Mine will be going back in cornrows soon because #WigIsLife 🙈😂 #Hair #NaturalHair #Ad #TymeHairBlowDryer #TymeIron #BlowTyme

That's it for now. Till Later, God Bless. 

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