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Loosing weight with disability

Hello world, 
 Today I want to get transparent and share something I've been working on quietly for a while now. 
My weight-loss journey. For me, I am finally at a place where I am no longer making excuses but I will admit that it has not been easy. 

Discipline has been the hardest part for me when it comes to fitness/weight loss - especially with food - but I'm truly proud of how far I've come! My daughter - Zuri - will be two years old next month and I can no longer continue to use her pregnancy as an excuse.

I remember when I took the before picture you see above on March 5, 2019! I looked at myself in the gym mirror and instead of disliking what I saw, I said to myself " give yourself grace Lizzy" !

I gave my body GRACE because not only did it do a GREAT JOB at bringing forth human life, it is also much more challenging to keep fit as a result of being disabled and using the wheelchair all the time.
Weight loss with disability isn't as easy as "just do some cardio", "run on a threadmill", or "do weight exercises". Depending on the disability, some people don't even have enough stamina or balance do exercises! Spinal cord Injury made it such that I can't do certain things when it comes to exercises, but one thing I know is that I can control my diet and put in whatever little effort I have into working out.

If you're reading this and thinking to yourself, So what did you do Lizzy, how did you lose weight
The short answer is truly trying to eat right and get my body moving even if the effort I put in it is small. I cannot sell you lies, it is HARD... I love food, and I struggle daily! Diet is a huge part of weight loss when you're not as active as the average human. If you can get your body moving -through dance, working out as much as you can - all of that helps. But if you can't, you truly have to watch what you eat and not consume more calories than your body needs.

I'm not where I want to be, but a sis is feeling herself OKURRR??!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ˜πŸ˜†

Remember that impossible is nothing and while I know this may sound cliche, the truth really is that change can only begin with YOU. 
I'm still on this journey and I hope to continue to remember to give myself grace. 

Thanks for reading you guys. 
Do you have any weight loss goals? Share with me below. 
P.S: My outfit is from @ffinery

Till Later, God Bless.