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Confidence depends on your mindset

“How are you so Confident Lizzy”? 
The answer is quite simple. Confidence is developed when a person has a full sense of being and has reached the mindset where circumstances they can’t control no longer affect them. One of those confidence shattering circumstances is incontinence/bladder leakage and Depend Brand Silhouette Underwear is here to help. 

I have shared many times how living with spinal cord injury comes with so many challenges that test my confidence on a daily basis and one of those challenges is incontinence. Many people aren’t comfortable talking about it; however, nearly 65 million Americans experience bladder leakage in one form or another, according to data from Kimberly-Clark. Therefore, it’s important that people talk about it and the solutions that are available. Whether it's from uncontrollable laughter, pregnancy or a debilitating injury, you should know that you're not alone and it is possible to feel comfortable and protected with the right product such as Depend Brand Silhouette Underwear. 

The new Depend Silhouette Underwear is available at your local CVSPharmacy and it comes in different sizes that allow an authentic underwear experience for different body types while delivering the trusted super absorbent protection of the Depend brand for 100% leak free protection. With advanced Shapewear Technology, Depend has created their smoothest and softest fabric to-date which has a pad that stays closer to the body and a smooth underwear design for invisible comfort & protection. I also love that It is available in a variety of colors to give you that underwear feeling. 

Also, a pro tip for my ladies out there - this stuff is the truth during “that time of the month” and right after childbirth. You can’t even tell that I’m wearing it, so why should I bother myself with thoughts that could break down my confidence? I love that the Depend brand is committed to providing people (both men and women) solutions that empower and give them confidence.

Thanks for reading, 
Till Later, God Bless.