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Black baby Hair products and Styling Tips

 Hello guys! 

If you're reading this, then you're probably on the search for products for your black child's hair. 

I have a daughter who is now 2 years old and I think I have figured out the science of how best to manage her very full hair. No really, sis came out with a head full of hair (just like I prayed for), but what I didn't know was that I also needed to pray for the strength to maintain it. 

I have made a few posts and even posted youtube videos in the past about Zuri's hair care, but I figured now that we have a very straightforward and consistent routine, a new post is needed. 

I'll keep things very short and provide links for easy access, but if you're unable to shop the links I provide, a simple google search or checking at your local beauty supply store or big stores should help you find them. 


For shampoo - I use the Cetaphil baby shampoo. I started using this when I noticed some dandruff in Zuri's hair when she was a baby and I've stuck to it because it really cleanses her hair and leaves her scalp feeling clean. I also notice that when washing her hair (if a little bit of lather trickles down her face, it seems to not burn her eyes). Of course, I also have this face protector that I use occasionally when washing her hair, and it does a great job. 

For conditioner - I use Tressemme conditioners. LISTEN TO ME Y'ALL, this conditioner is AMAZING. I use it for my hair, my wigs, and now Zuri's hair. It will have your hair feeling soft and easy to comb. 

Speaking of combining, I make sure to comb Zuri's hair while it's wet and mostly when I am conditioning it. Then I put it in a quick and simple style before we're ready to fully do her hair. I try not to leave her hair in it's "fro" state after washing because it most likely will shrink back into itself and be hard to style when you're ready. 

My go to quick styles immediately after washing are 2 cornrows down to the side or 4 three strands braids right after washing. Once again, I encourage you to put the hair in a quick braid style while it dries.  


When it comes to products I use to style her hair, I like to keep things very simple. I don't like to cause product build up in her hair because that tends to cause itching. Speaking of itching, please allow your children's hair to dry before styling, and if you must wet their hair during styling, try not to use too much water and avoid the scalp if possible. 

  • I also now use got2b glue for her edges if I really want the strongest hold. Just on her edges but I make sure to rinse off the product from her edges at the end of the night.
  • When I have to do braids or twists, I ALWAYS use the Shine and Jam conditioning gel. I saturate the hair with it and comb it before braiding or twisting. This makes all the difference in the outcome of my braids or twist.  I also use this when I want to put her hair up in a sleek up do. 
  • Gel I love and recommend: The only gel I use on her hair (when applicable) is Wetline Xtreme Gel. It works also for curl definition and gives a good hold. This can cause product build up if you use too much. It also works for edges. 


I personally love doing my daughter's hair especially because I prayed for this and I like learning how to perfect my craft with the different styles I do on her. I didn't start out being "good" at braiding, but with consistent and constant practice, I have gotten better. Youtube videos help as well.

I am also very blessed because she sits down to let me do her hair without fuss - thanks to TV and snacks. 

Since, I'm here, I have to address this in details. One of the most popular questions I get asked my people who have a hard time doing hair for their kids is, "how does she sit still"? 

I can't lie to you, Zuri has always sat still to do her hair from day one. I think this is because 

1. She's not in pain. I really try to be as soft handed as possible. I make sure to brush her hair in sections, with a big hair brush, or wide tooth combs

2. She's distracted. TV and snacks will go a long way. Check out my babies and toddler playlist on youtube HERE

3. I listen to her.  Doing her hair is not a do or die affair. We take breaks when I see that the style I'm doing is going on for longer than she's able to sit for. I will stop to continue the next day if need be (but this rarely happens because I don't do complicated styles). I let her walk around a little bit and then come back to continue the hair.

4. I watch videos of kids getting their hair done on youtube with her. Not all the time, but sometimes

5. Keep things simple at a young age. There's really no reason to do complicated hairstyles for your kids at their young age. It takes longer and puts tension on their hair. 


How often do I wash her hair: Before she turned two, Once a week (every Saturday). Now that she's two, we go 2 weeks or a little over. 

Baby won't sit still and cries: Feed baby, give them snacks, play their favorite shows, or do their hair when they're sleeping. ULTIMATELY, hair at this tender age shouldn't be a do-or-die affair. 

Baby's hair is hard to comb: Comb while wet, use tresemme conditioner and comb while conditioner is in hair before rinsing out 

Baby's hair is dry: Blue magic baby conditioner or shine and jam mentioned above. 

Baby has dandruff: Cetaphil baby shampoo and if it's severe, talk to pediatrician

I've done everything but my baby's hair isn't growing: Patience, patience patience. It's also mainly genetics sooooooooo leave that baby alone. 

Baby has no edges: Be careful not to put too much tension on edges when styling. Avoid tight headbands as those tend to cause tension on edges and thereby makes baby lose hair around the area. I know it's almost impossible not to want to put those cute bands on your babies, but make sure they're not tight and you don't use them too often. 

Baby's hair is breaking: This mainly has to do with moisturizing and conditioning. Almost all the products I listed and use for my daughters hair has moisturizing effects. Do you also moisturize rubber bands before using them on hair? Also does your child actually drink enough water? THIS is important as well. 

Additionally, I want to share some pages I personally LOVE on instagram that showcases hairstyles I would like to try on Zuri as she gets older. 

1. Novemberlov3 

2. HeyBambino_

3. HairFetishLLC

Well, that's it for this post. I hope it answered your questions. 

CLICK HERE to shop the FULL LIST for my recommended baby hair (and skin) products on Amazon. 

If you have any questions OR comments, PLEASE leave them in the comment section below. I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU. 

Thanks for reading, God Bless. 


  1. Hello ma'am,thanks so much for sharing...please my baby will be 6months next month,and shes hairy too,can i start with the shampoo and conditioner or still wait...

    1. Hello, I believe the shampoo alone is fine for your baby's age. The older they get, the thicker the hair becomes and then you can start using the conditioner.

  2. Pleass how will i subcribe to post..i am not getting it

    1. I replied your other comment. I hope you were able to subscribe to get notifications


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