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Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

 Hello World! 

Today, I'll be sharing a few tips for traveling with toddlers.

Do you have travel in your plans this month? Save this, share, and comment if you have extra tips below.

We traveled recently with Zuri and while this wasn't her first time flying, it was the first time we traveled with her since covid took over the world, and also the first time she had to pay as a passenger (tears) lol. Hey listen, those free flights were nice when she was under 2 years old.

1. EDUCATE/INFORM. The morning of our travel, I told Zuri about where we were going. To the airport, then to surprise grandma and grandpa and uncles. Try to walk them through what to expect briefly. I told Zuri we have to to sit down quietly when the plane is up up in the air and how we would see the clouds. If you'll be staying with family or in a hotel, tell them what to expect. Don't start educating days or weeks before (except you don't mind your toddler asking you about the plane 265 times per day) 😂

2. ENTERTAIN. Pack their favorite toy/tablet/books etc. We grabbed Zuri's tablet. And it entertained her during the times when we had to wait and in the plane.

3. SNACKS/FOOD. Did you know that you can carry-on home cooked meals and snacks? You don't have to buy expensive snacks at the airport! Liquids/yogurts and a few things won't be allowed, but you can bring food or snacks your kids love as this would give them comfort. Plane snacks are awesome too. We flew with delta Airlines and Zuri loved the cookies and orange juice.

4. PREPARE YOURSELF. You can do everything right but still have moments you just didn't prepare for, so it's best to prepare yourself mentally. Being frustrated or thinking that everybody is watching "how you parent" is a no-no.

With the current climate, pack your sanitizing wipes, masks, and everything you need to feel safe.

Note: Toddlers will ask questions and try to explore. Give them just enough freedom to walk, carry a bag, push the stroller, point to things and be ok with them wanting to say hi to everybody. Every child we saw at the airport and in the plane all said hi to us... And Zuri did the same to others. Some ignored her but most were so sweet.

Have more tips? Share below!

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