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Recently Acquired Beauty Goodies - Nail Mail/Nail Haul

Hello Sugars!!!

This DO It Yourself Lady Miss showing you her Hauls, Nail Mails and New Acquired beauty goodies... So, Today I will SHOW YOU some goodies I recently Acquired!!

I LOVE watching/reading and hearing about beauty products people buy, so I'm sure someone out there does too.
Facebook and Instragram slowly stopped me from making posts like this on the blog because I can instantaneously show you goodies as I acquire them.
Anyhoo, since I've been busy these past weeks and couldn't post these on IG and FB, You get a blog post!

Not much has been acquired, but I hope you enjoy living vicariously through me if you're on a No-Buy. :-D

First up: I shall start with some Polishes my BFF got me!
Yes, The BFF is finally understanding and Fueling my Polish Collection/Obsession/Addiction, or whatever You want to call it. I WAS So amazed at the polishes she chose too. NO dupes in my collection, and all are colors I LOVE (maybe not the Gold though). Lol..
The Square shaped bottles are a new brand to me, so I gave her MAJOR points for getting polishes by a Brand I have NEVER even heard of. I Love the Polishes!!!

Left To Right: Ruby Kisses HD - Twilight Zone, Mardi Gras. J2 - Gold Glitter, Purple Dazzle. 

Next up are BB Couture for Nails-  Polishes sent for review. The Good girl in me already swatched these and I am head over heels in love with the one on the Far right in the picture below, Called Sexual Space.
Be on the look out for a post on these soon.

Left To right: BB Couture for Nails - Uninvited, Smoke, Anger, Sexual Space. 

Next up are some goodies I got from the Local Beauty Supply store in my area.

I saw the Flakie Foils. Ya know the kinds they use to make all those "Gold Flakie top coat"?
Yeah, I saw this in Gold and Silver and I had to Scoop it up for experimentation. It's by Kleancolor.

Here's how they look on the inside. 12 little pots of silver and Gold flakies.
I am so excited to show you what these will be like on the nail.

And then some basic stuffs. 
The E.L.F Concealer brushes are the Bomb for nail clean up. VERY VERY useful tool. I had to get two. 
I also got a nail art brush (Not that I ever do freehand art, but HEYyyyy, I am interested in learning ya know). lol...

Up close.
Left to right: Revlon - Girly. Purchased at Walmart. I was glad they still had lots of these left. I posted about this on the blog HERE earlier today.
Ruby Kisses Clear Topcoat (to be used with the silver and gold flakies) - So excited!!!
NK Lipstick - Azalea Pink, and MY HOLY GRAIL of a LIP GLOSS, Ruby Kisses Crystal Gloss in Dashing Diva. 

I got this Eye liner thing because I want to try out liquid eyeliner and be able to control it. This is like a pen.

It's by L.A.Girls. It says Mark My eyes on it. I love the tip of it so far. You don't have to squeeze, and the black ink comes out, and I love the control of the pen. 

 Oh and I want to show you a detailed look of my Eyebrow Pencil. I LOVE this pencil so much. It's by NYX. It's an automatic roll up eyebrow pencil. I get it in Dark Brown to fill my eyebrows.

 More details: See, you roll it up and it comes out. Sharpeners are history. I can't go back to another kind of eyebrow pencil.

And last but not the least, is this Hot Tools Curling Iron for review from Beauty Stop Online. They carry affordable Beauty products on the website and I can't wait to post my review of the curling Iron. 
The price is reasonable, and I hope it works as well as advertised. 

Anyhoo, That's about it sugars. 
I Hope to post about each of these products as soon as possible, especially the Gold/Silver Flakies, Curling Iron, and The BB Couture for Nails Polishes!

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to review first?
I LOVE that my BFF bought me those polishes, and I am seriously still Loving Revlon - Girly on my nails. Check out my post on it HERE if you missed it earlier. 

That's it for now. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

NOTE: I have two giveaways running currently. 
One HERE, and the Other HERE.
Enter and Good Luck.


  1. smoke is an amazing polish, its hands down my favorite grey.

  2. I don't know where to start. I need the NYX eyebrow pencil. I have some J2 polish I need to wear them. You have lots of eyecandy :)

  3. OMG! Great haul. I can't wait to see swatches!

  4. *jumps up and down*
    What an amazing haul!
    I'd love to see BB Couture for Nails - Sexual Space first. It looks stunningly beautiful!!


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