Swatches: J2 - Purple Dazzle

By Lizzy O. - February 08, 2013

Hello World!!!
The weekend is upon us and Valentine's day is around the corner!

Oh My!!!
Are you all ready? Lol... It's not a big deal or anything right? Right?? LOL

Anyhoo, I seriously thought I'd have loads of time on my hands this year to do Valentine Nail Art/Swatching Series of some sort, But ALAS, Life doesn't always go how we think...*sighs*

Today, I have swatches of a beautiful polish my BFF got me! Yes, this is a big deal because she generally doesn't fuel my Polish collection, so when she bought this polish and three others, I was VERY happy!

This one here is my favorite of the Three she Bought.
This is called - Purple Dazzle by J2.

For my swatches below, I layered it over BB Couture - Smoke.

J2 is a new brand to me, but I love the glitter topcoat so much! Purple shiny, and pretty!!! Yes Yes Yes. The BFF knows me so well!

I must mention, The shine is MORE in the bottle compared to my nails, which was a little bit weird/sad. 
IRL, I see some shine on my nails, but NOT as much as I thought I'd see.
Isn't the bottle just so deceiving though?

Have you guys heard about J2 Polishes? 
I'm now on the look out for more polishes by this brand. :-)

That's it for now my dearies.
Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. This is such a beautiful glitter!! I've seen their polishes at a local beauty supply store, but never picked them up.

  2. It's beautiful!!! I have a few from this brand and will be doing a post on one soon :)

  3. How fantastic that you have a friend that buys you polish! And pretty polish too! :)

  4. Pretty :)
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