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OOTD: Casual - DIY Torn Jeans with Heart Shapes

Hey there loves. 
This DIY Lady has a real DIY result on the blog today! Yay!

As most of you know, I wear maternity jeans because they are the most comfortable while on the wheelchair. No buttons, no hassle. Welp, I didn't really find that many maternity jeans that had the worn /torn/shredded look.. and the ones I found just uhmm.. were always above the price I wanted to spend. 

Anyhoo, fast forward to a couple of months ago, I bought  a jeans, and when I got home, I found out I had the same exact jeans already... in fact, I had two of the same kind ALREADY! So the one I brought home made it 3 of the same kind AND color of jeans! Interesting uhn? They were purchased from different stores too. I have no idea how I didn't know they were the same. 
I chose not to return the jeans because I told myself I'd transform them. 
Transformation never did happen till a couple of weeks ago. 

I chose to experiment with one of the 3 jeans, and I liked the result enough that I styled it simply and wore it out this past Saturday. 

The jeans were blue and I DID try to bleach them, but THEY DID NOT BLEACH and stayed the same COLOR. I'll have to bleach one of the other two.. or maybe this same one with a stronger bleach. Lol..
But anyhoo, for this DIY torn jeans, I just brought out a razor blade and used it to cut a small line on  the spot of the jeans where i wanted the torn effect...
Once I cut the small line, I used my hands to rip the line into a bigger line and then pull out some of the threads with my fingers.
It was the easiest thing I'd ever done to transform an outfit.
Cut a line, use your hands, rip rip!
For the lines closer to each other, you want to be gentle not to rip into each other, but then again, THAT also might even be a cool effect.

I'm very thankful for the lovely people at my church who take pictures of me when I want after Choir Practice on Saturdays. LOL. I turned on my best poses and Voila!

 And Below is a BIG KISS for you all. Seriously straining to make sure the kiss gets to YOU!!!!

To get the hearts on the Jeans, I used a white nail Art Pen. Seriously NO LIE! One of those pens that have the brush on one end and the tip on the other end. The Nail Art Pens were purchased from ebay and you can see how they look in THIS POST. I also folded  the bottom of the jeans on my own. These were ankle length jeans.

Cool story: After I tore and drew a couple of hearts on one side of the jeans (the right leg), I didn't really like the hearts being random, so I threw the jeans in the washing machine to see if that would wash off the hearts but it turned out that the hearts STAYED put! I also realized that washing the jeans made the tearing look really TORN.. WORN... SHREDDED.. and not forcefully torn, which is amazing, and the LOOK I was going for. 
I tore the left leg and didn't wash the jeans before wearing it for this pictures. 
And looking at these pictures, I see that I certainly should have washed the jeans again because the lines on the left leg look a bit forced as opposed to the right leg that was washed after cutting. It wasn't that noticeable in person, but pictures can be brutal ya know. lol

Just a hint for anyone out there who wants to DIY. WASH the jeans after tearing them. And use your hand to tear after starting with a scissors or razor blade. 

That's it for now sugars.  

If you want an up close look at my Face of the Day and for a detailed review on the amazing All in One Mineral Foundation by Bella Terra Cosmetics I used to get this near flawless face of mine, please check out yesterday's post by clicking HERE.

Shirt: Burlington
Shoes: DDs Discount

Have you ever done this before? A DIY Torn Jeans? Share with me. It's so easy and fun I have to control myself not to make more. Hahaha. 
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. That looks really cool. And I obviously love the pictures! ;) <3

  2. Looks great, I always mean to do something like this but then think it would be difficult.

    1. it's not difficult at all. very easy actually. :-)


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