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Review: Pure™ Nail and Cuticle Oil

Hello Darlings.. 
How are you fine peoples doing today? 
Welp.. This DIY Lady is pretty excited about today's post. Yep Yep!

I have a review of a product I am very pleased with for you all today. 
Since you are on my blog, I'm sure you know my hand is kind of like the center of this blog, and bad looking hands aren't exactly what you come on my blog to see... right? 

I have been doing well with my hand care for a while now, but there are days when my hand look so mehh that I just don't even bother blogging about the polish on my nails. Seriously!
I used vaseline as my hand moisturizer for a while and although it worked well, my jar of vaseline wasn't something I could easily throw in my purse. :-/ 

Fast forward to when I discovered Pure Crisp Nail and Cuticle Oil by Nail Care HQ.
It comes in a pen like device that makes it easy for you to carry it around and apply on your cuticle whenever you choose to. 

Here's a before and after Collage I've made of my result with this Cuticle Oil. 
On the bottom left is my hand after washing. 
On the bottom left, my hand also immediately after washing but after having used this cuticle oil for 2 week.  
Do you now understand why I am excited to share this with you? 
I don't cut around my cuticles or trim them, so NO, I didn't do any trick you might be thinking of. 

Keep reading for moreeeeee....

Here's an up close of the cuticle oil in its pen like device.

Remove the cap and there is brush that makes for easy application.

  Here are my nails/cuticles right after washing them before I ever used this cuticle oil.

To apply the cuticle oil, you scroll up the bottom of device to dispense a small amount of oil that you can then use to brush over your cuticles and nails.

Here are my nails after application for the first time. So much oily goodness.

And ... I sat down, allowing the oil to seep deep in my skin instead of just rubbing it in. I quickly whipped out my camera for another picture after about 10 minutes. I realized my skin was absorbing the oils and my skin actually started looking better than it did just a few minutes before.

At this point, I wanted to see how long it would take my skin to fully absorb the oil and if there would be any change.. so after about 35 minutes of watching some TV shows, I look at my hand and this was the result!
Same HAND I showed you in the before picture, and on the same day... No more dry skin, and my cuticles look happy.

Based on that one day result, I was certainly motivated to continue using this cuticle oil... After about a week, I saw that my hands and cuticles don't actually LOOK dry after washing them like they used to.
So I continues using the oil and about 2 weeks into using it, I took a picture of my hand right after washing it.
Look below....
Quick, scroll back up to my BEFORE picture... Can you believe this?
I don't fawn over many products, but this cuticle oil is amazeballs!!
Again, this picture below is my hand with no product after washing.. It appears my skin has natural oils of its own now that I've used the oil many times??? I can't explain it.. lol

And then, I applied the oils again...to show you what my hand looks like with oils

A little bit of oil goes a long way, so no need to roll up a huge amount of oil to cover your whole hand. Just use the brush for application and watch the oils seep in your skin for a lovely result. Some of the ingredients in this include: jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil, essential oil blend, vitamin A, vitamin E, and tea tree oil.

I am happy with this and YES, I'll have to buy another when my current one finishes.
When it comes to products like this, I wish I bought it my money so that people don't think I'm reviewing it positively because it was provided for review.
But believe me, if you have bad cuticles, flaky hands, and skin.. this product will work for you.

I didn't really follow the steps on the Pure Nail Care Website, but my result is fabulous. I applied the oil whenever I felt like it, which totals about 2-4 times a day. I also love that it's small and fits in my makeup purse perfectly, so I can carry it around with me.

So darlings, if you're interested in this cuticle oil, please CLICK HERE to go to their website to make your purchase. Ana also has lots of helpful Nail Care tips on her website so look through them sugars.

That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.

Press Sample, Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. Wow, this looks like a nice improvement, and the application looks super easy. Great photos demonstrating that. :)

    1. Thanks for noticing Cathy. I love detailed reviews. So I try to give that to you all.
      I seriously love this and yes application IS easy.
      Actually now that I'm reading this reviewing and looking at the picutres, I think the oil also helped my nails grow thicker? Look at my pinky nail in the before picture (where I applied the oil).. then the after picture.. The oily before picture shows that my nails were a little thin.. while in the after they are not transparent and look thick.

  2. Hmmm....interesting and impressive! I wanna have one of these for it will be very useful to me. I also love the packaging for it makes it easy to apply. Gotta grab one of these.

  3. This blog is so nice to me. I will continue to come here again and again. Visit my link as well. Good luck


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