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Wheelchair Fashion: Thrift Store Finds - Black, Yellow and Gold OOTD

Good day loved ones. 
Delighted to have you on the blog today. 
Grab a cup'o tea will ya? 

LOL.. Ok, I know I'm full of it. Lol.. 
I have another wheelchair fashion post on the blog! Yaaassss! 
This was the outfit I wore to church yesterday. 

Black and Yellow and Gold! 
Based on the title of this post, can you guess what I bought at the thrift store? 

You know, there was a time in my life when I would nearly GAG at the thought of wearing anything "Gold colored". I was just anti-gold accessories and whatever looked gold.
BUT now, My closet has certainly gotten a face lift! I find myself being drawn to golds and I must say I like how they look against my skin tone. What do you think?

Makeup was minimal. So minimal in fact, I will tell you I only have my Bella Terra Powder on and my eyebrows were tamed a bit. . I felt like my outfit was loud enough and didn't need extra stuffs going on with my face.

 Talking in between pictures. lol...

The yellow skirt kind of freaked my camera out a bit. BUT I Love this skirt. the fit, the length, and the color! Just perfect!

Happy Selfie!

Boooo yahhh

Up close of the necklace, bangles and watch.

Tired of pictures? Be Glad I didn't post them all. lol...

And that's it y'all. :-)

And uhmmm... skirt and top was thrifted! Did you guess right?
Combined price? Less than $10.

Remember I told y'all about my adventure at the thrift store. I certainly will be visiting again.

Alright darlings.
Thanks for visiting.
Drop a comment below if you will.
Ask questions, I'm always willing to respond, just make sure you click "subscribe" to be notified of my reply.

Till later, God bless.


  1. I love that shirt - t's really pretty!!! I found something similar in a thrift store a year ago and your post has reminded me that I need to dig it out and wear it. GORGEOUS!

    I also love that necklace. You have great style my dear :)

    1. Thank you so much. Glad I reminded you to wear your shirt. So much goodness can be found at the thrift store. It's amazing!

  2. Love this look! Yellow and gold look great on you.

  3. my dear you look fabulous.
    i love everything about your outfit.


  4. wow you look fab! These skirt and blouse look amazing! Can´t believe they are from thrift store :)

  5. YOU LOOK AMAZINg! love love love everything!! and ur hair is giving me life!! <333

  6. Your BEAUTIFUL.
    I Love Your total look.


  7. U beautiful, how u manage wearing pants ? I'm in a wheelchair and struggle to pull my pants up. You seem to have figured it out,pliz share??

  8. for beginners like me need a lot of reading and searching for information on various blogs. and articles that you share a very nice and inspires me


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