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Wheelchair Fashion: Wedding Guest OOTD/LOTD

Hello Hello.. 
How are you all doing today?!
It's Saturday!!! 

Today's post is one of the fastest posts I have actually ever edited and blogged about. lol.. 
I guess I just love what I am about to post so much that I created time to make sure I blogged about it ASAP. 
Anyhoo, yesterday, the wonderful boyfriend and I went to one of his friends (now our friend)'s wedding. 
It was a beautiful wedding and the food was beyond AMAZING!
Today's post is of my FOTD/OOTD and the whole nine. 

So yay for another edition of Wheelchair fashion on the blog. 
Wheelchair fashion is a segment I wish I could do so much more often than I do, but I hope you guys enjoy them even though they aren't always frequent. 

First up.. here's my face of the day... 

And I accessorized with this gorgeous necklace and Stacked army candy/bracelets and a black clutch/purse. As you all know, my nails are also an accessory so I painted them to kinda sorta match me. All polishes used are Zoya. 
Oh and of course, lets not forget my most important accessory, my SMILE. Lol

Here's what my full outfit looked like.
Long dresses are a blessing when it comes to wheelchairs. One doesn't have to worry about accidentally flashing people (as the case may be when in short dresses). Although, I almost always wear tights with short dresses.

I have been wanting a long flowing gown/dress for the longest time and the moment I saw this in the store, I knew it belonged to me. :-D I have so many long dresses, but most of them are just playful and not so wedding appropriate
This one however, I knew I could dress up and wear to a wedding so I grabbed it as fast as my hands could. They are so long that my shoes barely showed throughout the day. Lol.. I had to be careful not to roll over my dress. 

Interesting fact: 
My outfit kinda sorta matched the wedding colors. I was like.. Ah! Totally not planned. 

My hair was giving me LIFE!!
I am in loooooove! I am also taking forever to edit the video review of this hair but I will be a good girl this upcoming week and GET IT UPLOADED. 

My dad mentioned that my dress had a "bollywood" feel to it. And I must agree it does now that I look at it again. LOL.. I guess all those Bollywood movies I watch that now inspire my wardrobe.
Another interesting fact: I LOVE BOLLYWOOD MOVIES!

I had so much fun with the boyfriend at the wedding and I wish the couple a wonderful life together filled with Happiness and God's Blessings.

SO much fun that I uhmmm... even tried my first cuban Cigar...

Ok Ok.. Just Kidding!!!!
I Only posed for a picture with the cigar at the wedding. Lol..

I'd like to THANK my awesome boyfriend for taking this fabulous pictures of me.
Actually HE TOOK a whole lot more than these, but Y'all know the drill.. You take a thousand pictures, and post only 4 out of the bunch. LOL..

I really thank him for being so kind and patient that he indulges me in my photo requests whenever I get dolled up. He loved my dress too though, so I actually didn't have to beg for these pictures to be taken. haha...

Alright sugars. That's it for now. :-D
Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you're Christmas Shopping, have fun doing that!

Till later, God Bless.


  1. everything about that dress is fabulous.
    love your smile and your hair.


  2. I love the dress and the color is Fabulous on you!

  3. aww you look absolutely stunning! love the dress, its colors and how cool the dress matched the wedding colors #nice

  4. Stunning stunning stunning :0) xxxJoolsxxx

  5. That turquoise makes you glow more than you already glow! Just beautiful! <3

  6. You are too gorgeous and the dress is so beautiful!

  7. That dress is gorgeous and looks stunning on you!

  8. Thanks a million times everyone. :-D

  9. You look absolutely stunning. The dress is lovely and you make it look even better by your natural beauty


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