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Big Hair, Don't Care: Crotchet Braids - Details, Review, Picture Spam

Hello peoples!!!

Happy November!

Today I have a new hairstyle that I have been hitching to share!!!
As I shared sometime back, I cut my natural hair really short and ever since then, my scalp has been catching cold. LOL... 

Anyhoo, I wanted my hair to grow a bit so I could do protective styles, and now it has grown!

As I shared on my instagram page, last week Sunday, I went to church and saw one of my big aunties at church rocking a fancy hairstyle that had me asking her for EVERY detail!!! And Boom, like magic, she called up her stylist and before I knew what was going on, I was getting my hurrrrr did!!! LOL.. I mean, I was doing my hair. 

LOOK Y'all!! Just Look at all of the hair on my head!!!

To make this less boring, I'll "talk" in between pictures, so I hope you enjoy reading. There'll be a summary of hair and makeup details at the end of the post, but please read through before sending emails or asking questions in the comment box that I might have answered in this post. 
I take out the time to write details, and getting emails of already answered questions get as e be. lol.. It's not fun. 

But Look at MY HAIR!

The stylist that did my hair is the BOMB (If you live in DFW area and need her detail, email me at Lizzy@thediylady.com).
She's great and everything you guys, she was able to "catch" my not so long natural hair, weave it up and then she crotchet braided this wonderful hair on my head. All of it, crotcheted! I always thought my first crotchet braid would be DIY, but Guys... I've been busy and I said to myself "Not Every Time DIY, Sometimes, PAY MONEY"!
Sounds like blasphemy coming from me the DIY Lady, buy you guysssssss.... I am happy with the result of this hair and that's all I can think of right now.

This hair is LIFE!!! Big hair has always been my thing, so while you see VOLUME, I just see beauty!

In these pictures (which I took a day after I did the hair), I tried to show you a lot of parts to this hair.

 As you can see, I got a bit dolled up for this photo shoot!
First because it's been a while I spent more than 10 minutes to do my makeup, and secondly because I got to use some amazing gifts my friend bought me for my birthday in August (which I didn't have time to blog about.. sigh).
But Moving ON!!!! I was able to use my tripod stand for these pictures, and my new remote camera control. Selfies will take a rest for now since I can now actually be "in front of the camera" and just click a button on the remote! Perfection I tell you.

Do you like my makeup?
I got to use my urban decay naked 1 palette finally, and a blue eye gel liner from milani and some other goodies I've bought over the month. I'll list some small makeup details in the end of this post. Especially this purple liner I have on my LIPS y'all!! (as seen in this picture below), after a while, I added MAC Heroine on top of the liner (that's why you can see the slight lip color difference if you're paying attention to the pictures).

Eyes that speak. 

Volume! All Up In your FACE!!!

If you can't tell, I was holding the camera control in my right hand. Hahaha...

No, this hair is not heavy. Enjoy the pictures and my stories for now. Details will be at the bottom of this post oh ye anxious one. Lol

I added some highlight strands here and there but I also have the option to cover them up and never see them if I choose, since there's SO much hair on my head. lol

Smiling an making faces with lipsticks THIS color is not an easy task y'all. Lol..

SO Innocent.

The braid pattern for this crotchet braid was corn rows going all back. So If I choose to pull my hair up, it'll look like this... (which will look even more better as the hair gets old - cos then the braids won't be as tight). 

But I love it even this way, cos it kind of looks like single braids or something.


I took a gazillion pictures since all I have to do now is CLICK a remote control. LOL... 

All of that hair can be pulled back to get a more professional look as seen below... 

Or you can be like me and say WHO CARES!! LET YOUR HAIR DOWN!!!

I'on Currr... I loves My Hurrrrrr!! Lol

I Know, I'm being extra.. but hold on, I'm almost done.

 Or nah?

Oh and I have so many STYLING IDEAS!!!!!!!
This hair was still fresh when I did this photo shoot, so I couldn't do too much in the styling area because of that Tender new hair feeling, BUT here's a lil something something.. an up do.
You can TAME IT, but but Big hair for me ALWAYS.

The hair looks heavy, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Light weight. Like cotton on your head.

Ohhh, in case you wanna know how the back looks like.. My hair stylist is bomb ya'll. Her braid pattern, though it all went towards the back, didn't create a bulk at the back of the head, and she had a line at the bottom to do what you see below. 

Now, once again, as the style gets older, your natural hair will have new growth and potentially cover up the "track lines", so it looks like your own hair.. 
So, I'd say you wait till the hair is a little old before pulling up in a bun.. or you could be like me and just cover up the lines with some of all that hair so no one notices the crotchet lines.. as seen below. 

I really have so many styling ideas for this hair.. I intend to perm rod, two strand twist, bantu knots and lots more styles that can be achieved with the help of hot water.. SO I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED. 

Yes, Hot water, because this hair is synthetic and I wouldn't advise using heat on it. 

So Now let's get into the HAIR DETAILS

Hair is: Freetress Equal 100% Kanekalon Jamaican Twist Braid

Here's a picture I took from my phone.

Packs used: 4 (FOUR), I didn't cut, because I wanted length, But when we were done, I had to cut off some volume due to how full it was!!! SOoooo FULL!!! The cut off was done in a layering manner to TAME the hair down a bit. We didn't cut the length, just the volume. 

Maintenance: In this one week I've had the hair on my head, I've only used my premixed water (that has some coconut oil in it). I find I have to spray water on it just to get it to be tamed a bit in the mornings. It's kind of like your natural hair.. but not really.. since as I stated earlier, it's synthetic. 

Price: The hair price per bag is ridiculously affordable. I wish I could tell you this is the expensive heat free "like your natural hair" hair... BUT no, it isn't.. It's synthetic and looks kind of natural.. but if you know hair.. you should be able to tell it's synthetic. Lol... Ya feel me? 

Miscellaneous: I've gotten a few Wow, your hair!!! That's so full and pretty in this past week.. Most of the people I've seen since I did this a week ago know I change hairstyles like crazy, so they're not fooled anymore (LOL), but I did meet a few new people that thought it was mine and complemented me.


Face: MAC

Eyes: Urban Decay Naked 1 palette  and Milani

Lip Color: Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye liner in Purple/Violet 650D
Yes I know it said eye liner but I'd been looking for a purple lipstick this color for a LONG Time.. and I found it.. and I bought it and I loved it.
Here is what it looked like on the lips.

And then I added MAC heroine on it, since I didn't like Heroine on it's own.. but... I still prefer the eyeliner on it's own. MAC's heroine just doesn't make me feel good ... lol..

Alright y'all..
I hope I covered all the important details.

If you still have questions, please ask in the comment box below.
I hope to be able to update you with all the styles I do with my new hair!

Stay safe and have a great week y'all!

Thanks for stopping by,
Till Later, God Bless. 


  1. Had this same hair styl. Just took mine down it lasted for more than two months and it would have lasted longer if I wanted it too. Everyone thought it was my natural hair. People asked me how long have been growing it. You'll definitely hear a lot of that. You are rocking it :)

    1. Thanks a bunch. Now that it's been a week, it honestly is starting to look and feel like my hair.

  2. I love!!!! So gorgeous. Would definitely try the crotchet braids! Your faceߘͮ Face beat of life!!! Wish my makeup would look so good!

  3. I love the hair and the lipstick is fantastic!!

  4. Lovely! I super like the hair for you look amazing. It really matches your hair. Great choice!

  5. Let me repeat how much I love this hair. I LOVE your hair lol. Thanks for sharing the details. You look gorgeous in these pictures dear and that purple looks great on you. Still check out the Revlon Shameless, it's a nice purple shade.

  6. Yipeee cos of you am going to try this style

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