Wheelchair Fashion: Ask TheDIYLady - Wedding Guest Inspiration

Hello World!!!

Today's post is of an outfit I wore to a friend's bridal shower. 

I thought I'd blog about this outfit as a public response to an email I got from a blog follower named Lebo
She asked me on instagram for an outfit idea to attend a wedding, and she later sent me an email so that I could further help her. 

Here's Lebo's email: 
My name is Lebogang, but short for Lebo, Im from South Africa, Johannesburg. Im so excited writing this email to you. I have been following you on your blog, pinterest and trying to copy your style, when I saw you on instagram, I was over the moon. I like everything about you, mostly your confidence.

How you always look so good? Back to the matter at hand...Im going to a wedding and you say, I cant go wrong with a dress..what kinda dress?

Now, once again Lebo, I'm so flattered by your kind words towards me. 
I have already responded in length to your email, but I hope you don't mind me responding again in public with hopes to help any other person out there. 

Even though I wore this outfit to a friend's bridal shower, I would absolutely also wear it to a wedding. It's Spring season, and colors are in!

Being on the wheelchair, a dress that isn't too long to get caught on the front tires of the chair is perfection. The dress is long enough that it covers your legs and doesn't show the world your goodies as you roll towards them. But it's also short enough that it shows some legs and allows your shoes to shine. 

I do love to wear high heels, but those of you that are not new around here know that I ALWAYS opt for Wedges or really chunky heels.  This one is a wedged heel and it sits very comfortably on the wheelchair foot plate.

I paired my dress with a blazer because it was first and foremost a little windy, but also because the dress is totally sleeveless and I didn't like how my arms looked without the blazer. I luckily had a blazer in the exact color that was part of the dress, so that really made it look much better.
Note: Play with colors, but don't go too crazy.

Accessories are a girl's best friend. So I added some statement earrings, necklace and a watch. 
My hair (box braids) was put in a high bun, and I kept my makeup to a minimum. 

There isn't a one size fits all answer to what to wear to a wedding on a wheelchair, but I hope this post helps somebody out there.

Above all, whatever you wear, wear it confidently and wear a bright SMILE on your face. 

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That's it for now loves.
Till Later, God Bless.