Yearning for Spring - Colorful DIY Polka Dot Mani

By Lizzy O. - March 03, 2015

Hello Lovers. 
I recently just cut my nails short and decided it was time to get back into DIY nails. 

I've attempted to "come back" many times but life and life and life just keeps getting in the way of my come back to full time blogging. *sigh*.. 
BUT no complains, I love my life and thank God for everything I'm blessed with. 

This winter weather has however been err.... Not my favorite. I find myself counting down to Spring and summer weather. I want colors, I want beauty and I WANT SUN! 

I whipped out two nail polishes from Zoya Summer 2014 Collection called Rocha and Ling for this colorful polka dot mani to get me in a spring mood. 
I did polka dots to remind myself I still knew how to DIY simple nail art. Lol... 

Painting my nails, doing this nail art and holding the polish bottle for pictures was almost like coming back home after a long journey. I missed this so much, and I hope to be fully back to blogging nails and more DIY things again. 

These two colors from Zoya's Summer 2014 collection complement each other so well and they're beautiful with a fabulous formula.

Polka dots never fail me. Also I am a lil rusty now that I hadn't done nail art in a while. 

This last picture is just because I can.
I have been focusing more on my photography, so I got to playing with colors in this picture below. Lol...

Anyhoo lovers,
Hope y'all are happy to see this DIY nail art post from me.
I miss you all, I miss visiting blogs and commenting and being nail polish crazed!

Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. really cute nails! i don't want spring to come so soon tho. it's so hot and humid once spring comes in Hong Kong...

  2. Cute! I really like this colour combination!

  3. i really liked last years' summer collection from zoya. i can't wait to see what they do this summer.


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