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Review: Ohuhu/HisGadget Makeup Organizer

Hello lovers. 
It's a new post on the blog today and I will be sharing something that I'm abso-freaking-lutely IN LOVE with. 

Once in a while a blogger gets the opportunity to review certain products, and they wonder: I Hope I Like this
Well, let's just say, Like is an understatement. I Love this makeup organizer by Ohuhu

Let's start with packaging and delivery. 

The package came in a bout two days after I accepted to review it. 
The store on amazon is also Prime Eligible, so you Amazon prime users can absolutely also get fast shipping. 
It was nicely packaged and there was no damage done to the box or the product. 

When I opened the box, I was met with this beauty wrapped up in some plastic bag that I quickly took off. 

You guys know I have tons and tons of makeup (My Wallet cries) but my heart is happy. Lol... 
As I was saying, I have lots of makeup and I do already own some makeup organizers/storage. But this one particularly makes me happy because of the size and how easily it can fit in my restroom on top of the sink! 
What you see here are two separate easily detachable organizers, but they come in one pack, and they both fit perfectly on top of each other without additional assembling. 

What I did was to put some of my most use makeup goodies and brushes in this organizer for easy access in my restroom where I do my makeup almost 90% of the time.
The top part is a fave. Easy accessibility!

I also put in some new items I'm yet to use so that I'll remember to try them out. (So maaaany Untrieds).... 
The drawers open out without hassle, and you can bring each entire drawer out, or just barely out. And no, it doesn't just plop off. It's really sturdy.

This organizer is sturdy and well built. It houses each of the items so perfectly and isn't wobbly or cheap-looking.

I really love the fact that it's clear and I can see through the inside.

Overall, this makeup organizer gets an A+ from me if you're looking for something to house your makeup!

If you're a makeup hoarder like *coughs* ME, you might be looking at this like it's so tiny, but ladies, believe me when I say having this in my restroom with some of my favorite makeup items in it has been a blessing!
If you are just starting out your makeup collection, this will certainly something you need to house those new goodies you're collecting...
For teenage girls who have lipsticks falling over from their dressers unto the carpets in their room, this will be perfect as well.

Something else I just discovered as I write this, is to use the pull out drawers to store my earrings, rings, and tiny jewelry items. If I ever do that, I will for sure make another blog post to show y'all!

If you're interested in this or want to check out other items from Ohuhu Store, CLICK HERE now to check them out on Amazon!

That's it for now sugars...
Comments, requests, or just wanna say hi?
Write in the comment box below. I read them all.

Till later, God Bless.

Organizer sent for review


  1. I love these types of containers, too! So easy to find things and they clean easily.

  2. I love acrylic holders like this for makeup. I have one to organize my lipstick.

  3. I've been thinking about picking up an acrylic holder for my most often used makeup items since my collection is all over the place right now, so I'll have to think about this one! Thanks for sharing!


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