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Fotor: Personalized Mother's Day Photo Card and Photo Contest

Hello loves,

Hope you're doing well, and thank you for visiting again.

This year is flying by without warning you guys! Can you believe it's already the month of May?!!

In America, the month of May is a month where mothers get a day dedicated to them for everyone to basically gush over them and let them know how very important they are! Personally, I think everyday should be mother's day, but ... I'll leave that story for another day. LOL

This year 2015, mother's day is May 10th, and if you have not already started thinking of what to get your mother, or the mother figures in your life, then you my friend need to continue reading this post.
If you already have your mother's day gift ready, also, continue reading because I have something lovely you might want to add to the gifts you got already.

For mother's day, most people tend to get their mothers gifts that they believe she will love, or gifts that she has expressed she always wanted. Some teachers in school have the little ones create crafts and arts to take home for their moms, and I honestly just love that our mothers who do so much for us all get to have the spotlight on them.

Personally, I love a well thought-out gift and a personalized card is certainly on the top list of personalized gifts I love to get (on any occasion).

A little while back, I wrote a post about Fotor, and once again I have an opportunity to write about them and I'd love to let you all know that with the Fotor App on AndroidApple, or their Fotor website, you can create personalized mother's day cards for your mom, or the special mother figures in your life.

Check out this lovely funny card below from Fotor.
I agree with this on soo many levels! lol..

Our mothers deserve to know that they are loved and appreciated. They care for us, love us unconditionally - even when we break their hearts, and they generally always want the best for us.
Want to tell your mom how much she means to you on mother's day, but also want her to be able to see it every other day of the year?  A personalized card sure is one way to go about it!

The Fotor app is really easy to use and they have some photo card templates that users can personalize.
You can upload personal pictures and that gives the card an additional touch! Just imagine how happy mom would be seeing her face or a family picture on a card...

Here's one I made using MY picture as a sample... 

Also, I'd like to announce that Fotor is having a photo contest for this mother's day 2015.
How amazing is that?! Get a gift for creating a thoughtful photo card for your mom? Yasssss!!!
To read all about the contest and see the amazing Prize that is up for grabs, CLICK HERE for the details on the photo contest.
I'd say what the prize is, but really, you need to go over to see it and the rules for the contest.
Hint hint:  ETSY!!!

I wish you luck if you're entering the photo contest, and I hope you all have a very wonderful Mother's day - whether you're a mother or not. :)
Contest Ends May 11th

Since I know my mom may or may not be seeing this post, I have chosen not to share the card I may or may not have made for her. LOL.. But here's one just in case you're reading mom ....

That's it for now darlings..
Once again, remember you can get the Fotor App on AndroidApple iOS, or their website for Free Online photo editor.

Share with me, do you like personalized gifts?
What are your mother's day plans?

Till later, God Bless.


  1. I love the idea of designing something beautiful for my gorgeous mum.
    Happy New Month Liz.

  2. I always thought moms liked homemade cards more so this is a great idea.

  3. I always have to be on the ball with Mother's Day because I have to mail out gifts for both my mom and mother in law. Personalized cards are really sweet, and I'm really looking forward to the day my boys are able to create something like this entirely on their own. <3


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