Mustard Yellow is the New Black

By Lizzy O. - January 21, 2019

Hello world!
Is it just me or does anyone else feel like mustard yellow looks great on dark skin? 
I find that I've been wearing more of this color lately and I just can't help but to keep getting more outfits in the color. 

This lovely top I'm wearing today is from one of my favorite plus size/curvy size boutique - Curvaceous boutique
Use my discount code: TheDIYLady for some $$ off. 

If you've been following me closely on instagram. you'll know by now my true love for curvaceous boutique items. 
This top was an instant love relationship! I love how it accentuates the top part of my body, while also hiding the tummy with its peplum style. 

Dramatic sleeves are always welcomed in my book!
I decided to pair this top with an old skirt and I couldn't be happier with the final look. 

P.S: I am in love with how the flowers blooming in the flower pot actually MATCH my outfit. I didn't notice this while taking the photos! 

Do you love mustard yellow as much as I do? 
Please share with me below. 
That's it for now
Till Later, God Bless. 

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  1. Love the top!! you look amazing!! and yes Mustard is such a gorgeous color on black skin!! <333

    Ore Ai | BLISS de la Leona

    1. Thanks gorgeous. And I'm glad I'm not alone with regards to how the color compliments us.


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