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Best Baby Skin and Hair Products - Black Baby

Hello world!
One of the most popular question I get asked in my Instagram DM is with regards to which baby products I use for my baby girl. From her hair care to her skin care, it seems majority of the people are interested!

There's actually not much to what we do since she's just a baby, but I figured I needed to do this post to help my fellow mamas out there. 

 My baby girl is almost six months old and she has been using the same products ever since we brought her home. I managed to record her bath and hair routine on my YouTube channel so please watch that here or at the bottom of this post as it explains more of how things are done and used.

None of these items are sponsored but I'm open if the companies ever stumble on this post (not kidding). Lol

I'll do this post in sections so that it's not all over the place. First we will start with Skin care. 

Skin care

Hair care

Hair styling

Tiny black rubber bands.

No, these don't pull on her hair. Her hair is so slippery anyway and the band isn't done so tight that it hurts her or pulls her hair. (watch the video on youtube to see).

I personally don't like too much going on with her hair, so when she has it in tiny puffs, I don't bother with the hair accessories (maybe a clip of two here and there).
But when her hair is out in it's fro glory, i love using the head bands. 

Other notable mentions/Answers to frequently asked questions 

  • She bathes once everyday at about the same time everyday.
  • She wears her hair in the tiny puffs for 3-4 days at a time. Everyday is not wash day. But if her hair is out in a fro, we wash it everyday.
  • She uses her diaper cream with every diaper change and we've never had any diaper rash issues so I plan to keep it that way.
  • Her skin color is from God and purely the makeup of her genes (Yes I get asked this question).
  • As you probably saw in the video I shared about her bath and hair routine, she doesn't really cry during bath/hair time. 
  • If she starts crying, we stop to see what is going on with her and once the issue is resolved, we can resume whatever it was we were doing. 
  • Sometimes we get her hair done in one go, other times, we get it done in batches and space the time out. It's ok to stop and check what is going on with your baby. They didn't sign up to be "slay queens" lol, so please don't force your babies to get their hair done. 
  • We comb her hair when it's wet so that it doesn't hurt her.
  • Oiling her hair really helps with breakage so she doesn't get any shedding or bald spots.
  • She doesn't sleep on any specialty pillow or fabric, or wear any hair bonnets. I truly believe in letting air get to her scalp and I won't put her on any silk pillows or bed sheet because even I don't find them comfortable. Cotton and Jersey knit fabrics are what her bed sheet is made of.

Well, that's it for now.
Don't forget to watch the youtube video if you've not already. Here it is:

Hope this helps. 
Don't forget to leave me a comment below if you use the products or if you're gonna get them. I would also love to answer any questions you have that I may have failed to answer. 
Till later, God Bless. 



  1. lol I laughed so hard when you said her skin is from God and a make of her genes, this internet will not kill person. Zuri is just growing so fast its crazy, and all that hair just so gorgeous

    1. Girl, I got some DM's on instagram that made me do a double take. Like "what do you use for her light skin". I had to pause on numerous occasions like, wawu! But yes o, she's growing so fast. Thanks boo.

  2. Can all these products be used on a 1year


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