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Tula Skin Care Review: Is it Worth it? | Dry, Pimple/Acne Prone Skin

Hello World, 
Am I the only person who never cared about "skin care"
Wait a minute, hear me out. 
Up until a few months ago, I really thought people were crazy for raving about skin care, spending lots of money on moisturizers and worrying so much about the products they used on their faces. 
I was that person who told people to "drink water and mind their business" and their skin would be perfect without blemish. 
Growing up, I never dealt with acne (not even after puberty). 
Yes, once in a while I would get a pimple, especially when aunt flo was in town... but other than the occasional pimples that would pack up and leave on their own, I really never had any concerns with regards to my face. I drank my water, used my body lotion on my face, and thanked God for my genes.

**Insert CD scratching soundtrack here**

Oh what good times those were!
Fast forward to postpartum (after I had my gorgeous baby whose skin is ACTUAL GOALS), and also fast forward to turning 30! 

Welp, my skin as I knew it CHANGED on me. I was confused, I asked my doctors questions, I checked my diet and realized I was still eating the same things. I made sure I was still drinking water. It was a struggle to mind my business always, but I tried my best (OKAYY??!!)... I called my friends and lamented about my recent struggle with terrible skin. People saw my face and asked me what I was going through. I stopped taking photos, forgot about filming youtube videos and became really worried about my skin. 
I was so worried that I went in for consultation with an aesthetician. I would be on google looking for solutions... (Quick warning, don't ever do that... every result kinda leads back to cancer... It's crazy! sigh). 

I say all this to say, I was pressed for solutions! 
In my quest for solutions, I came accross Tula Skin care. I found them all on my own and this post isn't sponsored! I used their products religiously for over two months because I wanted to know truly if it would work. 

Two weeks into my use, I started to see results and that really fueled me into continuous use. Skin care is work and I will not make it sound like it's not. But if you really dedicate the extra time into your daily routine, the results speak for themselves (Photo evidence at the bottom of this post, but please read my thoughts on all of the products mentioned below before rushing to buy).

I have grown to share my favorite products with you all, and it would be unlike me to hoard this information I have, so let's get into it.

When I found out about Tula products and read about the benefits of probiotics topically (on your skin), I decided to give this brand a try. What would it hurt? I asked myself. My skin was already at its worst state and I needed some help fixing the problems I had - mainly dry skin, and outbreak of pimples/acne that resulted in dark spots being left behind. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories, you would remember when I cried because my skin was looking like that of a crocodile and I started breaking out in pimples. 

There were four things I blamed for my bad skin and they are below. 
- Our recent move to California from Texas.
- Postpartum hormones.
- Turning 30.
- And using one of my favorite throw pillows from our living room couch as a bedroom sleeping pillow without pillowcase for a long time. Wait, let's talk about this one for a bit....  read it again!
I don't know who needs to hear this, but PLEASE change your pillow cases frequently! Did you know you can wash your pillows in your washing machine?  Don't quote me but I did!
Also, throw out old pillows and buy new ones. I could go on and on about how your pillow or pillow case could be the cause of your skin breakout, but I digress. 

Now let's move on to the other steps I took towards improving the appearance of my face/skin. 

 The major step I took was that I decided to stop being ignorant and learn about skin care.

Why do people rave about it so much and what is my body trying to tell me? Once I admitted to myself that I needed to take better care of my skin and feed it the products it needed, it was easier for me to start understanding and figuring out what my skin needed. 
There had to be a mental shift in how I looked at skin care. 
I told myself that I could no longer continue to use baby wipes every night to take pounds of makeup off my face.
I had to start acknowledging that people were not being stupid for washing their faces and moisturizing it every day and night. #SkinGoals I screamed when I saw people with flawless skin, but I refused to admit the work that went into it! 
I had to admit that while black skin doesn't crack, it can be pimple prone and and look dehydrated.  
I also came to the conclusion that the devil was not after me and I just need to grow up and take better care of myself. Did you know that Hashtag SelfCare actually means that you have to TAKE CARE of yourself? (Yes you, I'm looking at you). 

BASICALLY, I had to unlearn some bad behaviors and open myself up to better behaviors that would give me the results I wanted.

So, now that you have a decent enough backstory, let me introduce you to my Tula Army (as I fondly call them). 

No I don't use all of these products at once. 
I use them interchangeably and I have come to realize that there are some staple products I would absolutely advice anyone looking for skincare solutions to get. So Let me start with those staple products and we will transition into the other products and what they do. 

I'll start with the Foam cleanser. It's advertised to be good for keeping pimples away, but I love to use this as a makeup remover as well. It takes off my makeup flawlessly and leaves my skin feeling and looking squeaky clean. The end result of clean skin is truly less pimples and so for that reason, I recommend it. 

Secondly, the Go Away Spot Treatment. This one is actual magic in a bottle. Nowadays I only get pimples when aunt flo is in town. You know, Aunt flo, the lady with the magic red juice who likes to come every month to remind us that we are not pregnant and... wait, where am I going with this? 
Phew, let's get back on track Lizzy. 
As I was sayinggggg, I only get a few pimples during that time of the month and I usually just let the pimples do what they want and they would leave in their own timing. But ever since Tula came out with the Go Away Spot Treatment, I started to use it to attack those pimples. 

The first time I used the spot treatment, I was in awe. I used it on a budding pimple at night, went to bed, woke up the next morning to the pimple drying out. I thought it was a fluke till I used this a few other times. It's Legit and I approve. 
I wish I had this in the past - on those random days where a pimple showed up on my face right before a big event. 

Next Product I will absolutely recommend is the Hydrating Day and Night Cream. 
This one is a multi-tasker as I like to call it. It is so hydrating and I saw improvement in my skin with about 2 weeks of use. The dryness I had started to give way and it was really at that point I decided to remain dedicated. You only need small amount of this all over your face and it stays hydrated. Use it at night and wake up with supple skin! 

The next products I absolutely recommend is the Pro Glycolic Ph Resurfacing Gel and the Glow and Get It Cooling Eye Balm

The resurfacing Gel I use with a cotton pad after washing my face with a cleanser. Using this gently exfoliates and deeply cleans your pores. 
You know how you think washing your face is everything? The gel will let you know that there were some things you left behind. The feeling on your face also makes you feel like the product is working.

As for the glow and get it cooling Eye balms (the pink one below is the newer version - Rose Glow)., I honestly just love how "awake" they make me feel. They claim it brightens under eyes and I have noticed that they reduce bags underneath my eyes and the cooling effect is just really soothing. 

Next up are these three products that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
They seem to be made for me! Each one of them specifically targets my problem area. 
From left to right: The Illuminating Serum which targets my dark spots! I have noticed a significant reduction in dark spots and my hyper-pigmentation since using this products religiously. (Proof at the bottom of this post)

In the middle is the Calming Moisturizing Lotion. Listen, everybody needs a moisturizer. Point blank Period. I use this especially on days when I am going out makeup free. I use it randomly when I'm at home. I use it before I use my primer for makeup, and let's just say, it is a great product!

And on the right in the photo above is the Purifying Face Cleanser. I would credit this one product for the reduction in my breakouts because it's the one I use MOST frequently. 
This one stays permanently on the shelf in my shower, right next to my bath sponge. Why you ask? Because I love this stuff for washing my face (when I don't have makeup on) and even my back and shoulders/chest. When I use this, I like to let it sit on my skin for some time before washing it off. I learnt this from one of my friends, she said to me: why will you immediately wash off something that's supposed to help your skin? 
And ever since then, I have learnt to let products stay a bit longer on my face (by massaging them in) before washing them off. 
 It smells lovely (not a strong smell), and it leaves my face feeling so smooth and nice after every use. 

Now that I have shared the products I use just about every day, I would like to share my other faves that I like to use interchangeably and occasionally. 

First up in this category is the Exfoliating Treatment Facial mask. I use this about once a week and I pretty much only use it as a routine. I am going to keep using it because I would hate to stop using it and find out it was essential and I shouldn't have stopped. LOL... But I LOVE how it makes my face feel after each use. Soft and it feels like it got rid of some junk. 

And last but not the least, these products below. 
On the Left is the Super Calm gentle milk cleanser. I know what you're thinking.. Another cleanser? LOL... Well, to be honest, I barely use this one and have nothing much to say about it. But if your skin is very sensitive, I have read that this one does wonders. 

In the middle is the So Polished Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. This one I use about 1-2 times a week. I love how well this works. I like to use it without water so that it really exfoliates, I massage it really well into my skin till the sugar melts off, and then I wash it off. It's also GREAT on your lips for kissable and smooth lips! 

On the right is the Aqua Infusion Gel Cream. This product is my sideline product. It's just an extra layer of moisturizing for me.  I could do without it, but I like having it. 

And this product below. It's not really skincare per-se, but it is an AMAZING product - The Face Filter Blurring and Moisturizing Primer. It should actually have been in the first round up of this blog post. 
Why do you need a filter blurring primer if all of this skin care is supposed to already help you have flawless skin you ask?
Well, with all of the products mentioned above, my face is certainly much much better than it was. I really believe it now when they say, good makeup starts with great skin and this primer is that extra layer of "great skin" that you need underneath your makeup. I was not much of a primer girl but when I tried this, I knew it was a win!
 All I have to say with regards to this product is that "trying is believing". I don't really know how to sell this one to you, but they didn't lie when they said it's a Blurring face filter primer. A layer of this underneath my makeup makes the finished result look fantastic.


In case you are still reading this and wondering why I sound so giddy in my write up, it's because I mean every word I'm saying and also because I can now take photos like the one below.
 This photo was taken right after I showered and did my face routine. I have NO makeup on my face.  My face is also not edited (Photo was taken on my canon 70D camera with the 18-55mm lens). You can still see some of the darkspots I'm working on, and some texture on my skin, but I have come a long way. 

And for reference, below is a candid photo of my skin when it was going through some things
 I managed to hunt down this photo of my dry (borderline scaly) skin. You can see the pimples even though the majority of the pimples were on the side of my face being covered skillfully with my hair, but I hope you get the picture. I am sharing this photo because it was also taken with the same camera and lens, unedited. 
I had makeup on, but even my makeup couldn't save me.

And below is after one month and half of religious use of Tula products. Same Camera (admittedly really good lighting), but no edits on my face. I now have significantly less dry skin and my makeup DOES look better!
 I didn't change my diet and I still live in California.
Another notable change I made asides from using the Tula Product and changing my pillow cases more frequently is that I mind my business fully well now and I am still an advocate for drinking water (LOL). 

Oh and in case you wanted another look at my "no makeup" face, here it is again below. I am so proud! 

I hope with these few words of mine, I have been able to help you on your journey to better skin. 

 Please note that if these products didn't work for me, I wouldn't be here telling you about them. 

I understand that we all have different skin types, so of course what works for me might not work for you, but if you've tried multiple things without solutions and have a couple dollars to spare for glowing, pimple-free skin, then try these products. 

As I mentioned earlier, this post is not sponsored but the people at Tula were kind enough to give me a discount code  upon my request for you guys. 
Use my code: LizzyO for 15% off your order on www.tula.com

I can't track the code, and I don't get any compensation if you use the code. 

Thanks for visiting,
Please feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comment section below.

P.S: Let me know if you would like a makeup routine video on my youtube channel. I wanted to do this blog post because I felt it would be more detailed, but I am open to doing an actually video.
Till Later, God bless.

Products sent as a gift. Opinions are 100% mine. 


  1. Your skin is GLOWING!! i see the improvements and i'm loving it!! OMG why is their packaging so pretty!! in my favorite color i want them ALLLL!!!
    lol girllll i tell you when u get older ur skin just starts changing leaving u confused!! i recently updated/ changed my routine because of this and i'm not 30 yet it has become drier, wrinkly and stubborn with the acne lol And yesss to changing the pillow cases it makes a great changes esp using satin/silk pillows its good for keeping ur skin moisturized through the night!!
    Check out Dr Shereene Idris (pillowtalkderm.com) she gives some really good skincare tips every night on IG!

    1. Ohhh THANK YOU for putting me on to this pillowtalkderm! I am already in love! And Yessss I am not crazy. Our skin really switches up on us and it can be frustrating!
      Additionally, I LOVE Tula's packaging too! I proudly display all of the bottles on my restroom countertop. So beautiful!


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