Updating our guest bedroom with the Lull Mattress

By Lizzy O. - October 15, 2019

Hello loves, 
Today's post is a quick update on our guest bedroom. 
I am so happy that we were able to get a place here in California that gives us space to have a guest bedroom. With being out of Texas and being away from most of our family and friends, we knew we wanted the opportunity to be able to host guests whenever the occasion called for it. 
So in putting together our guest room, the bed and quality of mattress was definitely priority for me. 

We got out bed frame from Ikea (Link here), and then I got to partner with Lull for the mattress we put on the bed. CLICK HERE to shop on Lull and get $150 off your purchase. 

The mattress came in the box below (right) and we also got two standard pillows (Left). CLICK HERE to watch my youtube video to see myself, my husband and my daughter opening and laying on the mattress for the first time. 

Opening up the mattress and watching it become big was actually one of my favorite parts in the video. The mattress opens up into one of the most comfortable mattresses I've ever been on. I am considering switching all the mattresses in our home to Lull at this point. 

If you are in the market for a mattress, I recommend this one because ever since we got it, it has been fantastic. My husband's parents are presently with us and they've been RAVING about how this is one of the best beds they've been on. 

Would you guys like to see the rest of my guest room decoration? 
Please leave a comment below. 
Don't forget to CLICK THIS LINK to get $150 off your purchase from Lull. 

That's it for now, 
Till later, God bless. 

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