Freebie/Deal Alert: Code Works NOW - 3 FREE Zoya Polishes

By Lizzy O. - January 04, 2013

Hello Sugars,
This post is originally scheduled for Monday, but due to recent developments, I wouldn't want you to miss out, so I'm posting this now.

This past week, Zoya Announced that on Monday Jan. 7th, with the use of the code: ZOYA2013, each person will get 3 FREE polishes of their choice, only pay $10 shipping and Handling fee.

Obviously, a lot of polishaholics were excited about this.
Anyhoo, Fast Forward till today, Rumor has it that the Code actually Works NOW, and you don't have to wait till Monday January 7th to use it.

Now you understand why I'm posting this now.

I don't know how true the rumor that the code works is because I haven't made a purchase, But if you're interested, CLICK HERE to register/sign in to your zoya account and make your purchase. 

To Check out some Zoya Polishes I've swatched/used on this blog, in case you're still trying to decide, CLICK HERE
To read more about this deal, CLICK HERE. 

If it's not true that you can process your order now with the Code, just wait till Monday. :-D
Enjoy Shopping Darlings. 
Till later, God bless. 

P.S: I just discovered that the Zoya website is timing out right now, there must be a lot of traffic from people who have discovered the code is working. *sighs*... Polishaholics DO NOT Joke about Deals/Freebies. LOL...

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  1. I guess it's only for the US? *sobs*

  2. It works! Just got a couple lol! I HAD to try Chyna & Nyx <3

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