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Thank You For Over 200,000 Page Views!!!

Hello Sugars!!!

It's such a beautiful Morning Over here... 
I came on the blog this morning to blog about a mani and for some reason my eyes went to the Blog View Counter on my Blog.
I was pleasantly surprised and Caught the meter at a little over 200,000 Page Views!!!

I didn't even know I had that many of you viewing my blog in a little over 1 year!!!
Jahhhhh Jahhhh Jahhhhhh!!! I'm Over here SMILING and CHEESING HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lookie here!!!

THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!! Like For reals?!?!?! Y'all are TOO MUCH!!!!! I am beyond grateful!!! Beyond Beyond Grateful! 
I will spare you the details of when I started blogging and how I didn't know how blogging would be, and  how it's one of the best decisions I've made, and how I am so totally freaking excited right now... 

Oh.. Wait, I didn't spare you the details at all.. I just said it! Hahahahaha... :-D

You Guys, I am so happy! 200,000 views IS a Big deal to me y'all! It really really is. 

To celebrate and show how Happy I am. I am declaring an Unplanned Giveaway!
This giveaway is to show my Gratitude to you guys!
Sadly, I can't give you ALL gifts, but I hope this giveaway expresses my Sincerest APPRECIATION!!!

As at Right now, I really don't know what will be in the Package the winner(s) will get.
I don't know how many winners I'll have, But there shall be at least one guaranteed winner!! Lol..
I LOVE surprises and if you've ever partook in one of my giveaways, I hope you can testify to the fact that I giveaway awesome prizes (haha), so Yes, the Winner or winners definitely have something to look forward to. :-)
Prize(s) will include Nails/Beauty Related products - Obviously.
I will urge winner(s) to post a picture of whatever they get on our facebook page, and might even do a post about whatever I send. 

Entry is easy. 
The Only Mandatory Option is that you should provide me with your email address. 
You don't have to share this giveaway because I don't really care for "random-ites" who didn't contribute to this milestone. lol.. I want to THANK YOU, who came to read this post without the knowledge of  a giveaway embedded within! So yes, You don't NEED to share this, except of course, if you don't care about being a winner. Hahahaha..

Every Other entry option is Optional. I made this so because this is to thank you all for over 200,000 page views. I Know that I didn't get to that number because of only a certain group of people such as GFC followers, FB Likers or Twitter followers. It's a combined success and as such I couldn't make the entries mandatory. 
But I'd like you to follow me Via GFC  and all the others if you have an account. You will get rewarded with additional entries if you do those things. 

I added one other option which is to follow me on Instagram. Please NOTE: This option is VERY optional. I post personal pictures, nail pictures and random pictures on my Instagram account. If you'd rather not see those things and will unfollow me after this giveaway is over, just don't bother following. Seriously. lol... Let's spare each other the headache. 

Winner(s) have 48 Hours to reply my email after I send it.
Failure to reply email shall result in me choosing another winner.
Open to EVERYONE in every Country as LONG as you've received Nail Polishes/Nail Art goodies before.
If you've had problems with Nail mails, please don't enter as I'd hate to have whatever I send get lost in the mail. :-)

Now the fun part.

Note: That Mani I talked about at the beginning of this post has been scheduled for later. Lol.. Giveaway and thanksgiving takes priority! :-D

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