HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 2013!!!!

By Lizzy O. - January 01, 2013

Hello Hello Hello!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bada Boom Bada BANG!!!
We're ALIVE!!! So ALIVE, and Whoaa..HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a quick post to wish all you wonderful people a HAPPY New Year!!!

On My nails to ring in the new year was a BLING BLING manicure done with All China Glaze Polish.

I couldn't capture it well, But I wasn't even bothered because I was way to happy with the finished result that my camera's shenanigans didn't even affect me. Lol..
Isn't that such a GREAT attitude to enter the new year with??!?! Yeeehhhawwww!!!

NOT Gonna Sweat the small stuffs this year. SO HELP ME GOD.
Anyhoo! I ran in the new year singing praises, praying and dancing at Church.
My nails sparkled as I lifted up my hands to worship my King. :-D

Here's my mani!

I captured it in so many lights... So here's another... 

And here's another.

Hope you get the idea of what I had on my nails...
I'm not even trying to be a perfectionist with my picture right now.. Lol...
Base coat: China Glaze - Glistening Snow
Gradient and accent nail done with China Glaze - Pizzazz. 

Way too excited and pumped about the new year... SO HAPPY NEW YEAR Y'all!!!!

Here's to many more Nail Polishes, AWESOME DEALS, Freebies, and LOTS OF Awesomeness in all our lives in this year 2013!!!
Take care sugars!!
Till Later, God Bless!!! 

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  1. Gorgeous nails! I love the gradient and then the completely glittery accent nail! Happy New Year!

  2. lovely! happy new year my dear :)

  3. I love the glitter ON glitter! I wouldn't have thought to layer something like that, but now I have to copy it :)

  4. Nice nails and WONDERFUL attitude for the new year.

  5. Happy new year Lizzy!!!! girll i danced so much yesterday i'm sure i lost ten pounds!! LOL lovveeeee the nails oooh!!! soo shiny!!!


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