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Blabs: Fashion Collages with items from SheInside.com

Hello pretties.

I have a first of its kind post on my blog today. I want to blab about some fashion items today. I will do this often from now on as I just recently discovered Polyvore and I can't stop making collages from websites I have been to that sell pretty and lovely products!

This Video explains best how to use Polyvore.
Well, when I found out how easy it was to make collages the fashionable way, I went to an online store I'd been eyeing so many cute items from.
The website is SheInside.com.

They frequently have lots of discounts and coupon codes one can use to shop!

One section on their website where I find myself spending most of my time is their jewelries section.
I am currently into bold statement necklaces, and they carry a lot of those!
Here are a few of my favorites from them. I so want each of these and love how bold the colors are. I would rock them all year round.

Jewelries from SheInside

I also visited their dresses, tops and shirt section, and here are some of my picks. The black dress is so beautiful to me. I absolutely love the neck design. 
I am into flare/peplum tops, and the two tops on the first row were just so pretty! The white skirt I would love in another color, but the design is what I loved about it. 

And that Coral dress. *Swoon*. I Love the color and how girly/flirty it looks while still being chic/modest. 

Tops, Skirt and Dresses from SheInside

I was pleased to find out that SheInside also carry some nail art goodies on their website. Yay! Rhinestones, Flocking powder and lots more!
Nail Art Supplies From SheInside

I have so much more goodies I loved on their website, but I'll save those for later. ;-)

DO you guys like any of these items? Have you ever bought anything from SheInside? Share with me loves.

  That's it for now darlings, till later, God bless.


  1. Bookmarking this site! Great post!

  2. Adorable picks! Love them all!! :)

  3. Great find! Love all of those necklaces!!

  4. This is a great post! I love all your picks! Especially that black dress. Amazing.

    1. Thank you so much. That black dress caught my eyes! I fell in love. Like seriously! Lol

  5. I definitely have to give this website another go! I always forget about it, but it looks so awesome. Love those necklaces!

  6. ooooh those necklaces are fab!

  7. I have some brushes like those. I love them! I will have to bookmark this site.

  8. I've never heard of SheInside, but it looks like they have some good stuff!

  9. Never heard of this site! I'm going to look now though!

  10. never heard of this site before. i love finding new places to buy nail art goodies!

  11. But the bulk of the business is still in the UK, with 181 shops and concessions. Given the difficulties on the high street, this makes last year's 11% sales growth all the more remarkable – not least because Ted Baker does not sell its products at throwaway, Fashion

  12. thanks for sharing these fashion with us, so beauty

  13. Adorable picks! Love them all!!


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