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Review & FOTD: Butter London - Lippy Tinted Balm (Toasted Marshmallow) & Wink Cream Eyeshadow (Sun Kiss)

Howdy pals!
Happy new week! 

Today I have two makeup products to show you guys. They are by butter London, and I was excited to try these because I had never tried any makeup products by Butter London. I am familiar with their nail polishes and I LOVE the formula on the polishes, so I was seriously curious about their makeup. 
Sent for review are Butter London's  Lippy Tinted Balm (Toasted Marshmallow) & Wink Cream Eyeshadow (Sun Kiss).

Pictured below. 

1st up is the lippy called Toasted Marshmallow.
This is a nude-ish brown lipstick. I love the box these came in, so cute.

Here's what the lippy looks like outside the box.

And here's a picture of the lipstick.
I usually don't set out to buy nude colored lipsticks, so I was very much interested in how this would look on me. I was glad it had a bit of red tone to it.

Here's what it looks like on my lips... 
What you see is just the lippy on my lips. No liner/gloss. 
I kinda like it.. the red undertone helps me like it more... 
It applied really nice and didn't feel chalky on my lips. 
The lippy is also seen on my lips in subsequent pictures in this post. 

Next up is Butter London - Wink Cream eyeshadow in Sun Kiss. 
Also in a nice box. 

Pictured out of the box. 

This particular product intrigued me. 
Pictured below is the applicator that came with the cream eyeshadow. 

When I first applied this product to my eyes, I was seriously not impressed.
Here how it looked.  Uneven and creasing

Then I decided to use a bit more of the cream shadow to give an even look, since I wasn't pleased with the result in the picture above.
Adding more of the cream shadow definitely gave a better look. As shown below. I applied the cream shadow in two steps. I did a patting with the shadow applicator, allowed the first coat to dry a bit, and dabbed on a bit more to cover up the spots that weren't covered.

I was not completely satisfied with the look, so I added some gold eyeshadow ON TOP of the cream shadow, and that's when I discovered GOLD! Seriously!
I used one my powder eyeshadows that usually flakes off, BUT the Butter London wink cream eyeshadow worked as sort of a glue and enabled the loose eyeshadow adhere better to my eye lids.

P.S: I do have the lippy on my lips but with lips gloss added on top of it. 

I discovered that applying regular eyeshadow on top of the cream eyeshadow was one of the most amazing things I'd ever done makeup wise. The look was not only even, but the cream shadow allowed my eyeshadow to last just about ALL day!

The pictures below were taken after I left the house and had gone around, and my eyes still look intact. Usually when I wear this gold eyeshadow alone, it would have started smudging/cleaning off. But that didn't happen this time, and I can only credit the wink cream eyeshadow! .

The wink cream eyeshadow might have been created to be used alone, but THIS DIY Lady shall from now use it as her eyeshadow primer because it works like MAGIC!

To think a product I disliked at first application could give me so much joy! 

The cream eyeshadow is not a favorite of mine if used on its own (especially at the price it's being sold), but if used under powdered/matte/glitter/regular eyeshadows, it's a WIN in my book because it helps the shadows adhere and gives an amazing pop of color.
The lippy is a very lovely nude lippy, and I like that it's not chalky. 

If you're interested in either of these, please check out Butter London's Website

That's it for now sugars. 
Till Later, God Bless. 

Opinions are 100% mine.


  1. You are beautiful! Thanks for the review! Was really interested in the lippies!

    1. You're welcome. It's my pleasure to review them. Thanks for the compliment. You're so kind

  2. I absolutely LOVE that lipstick on you!! Wow!

    1. Thank you. Just so glad it looks right on me. Yay for butter London

  3. That lippy is sooo lovely on your lips!!!

  4. I am loving that lipstick! I think I may need it!

  5. I'm dying these butterLondon products! They look great on you!

  6. That lip color looks soooo nice with your skin tone!

  7. Beautiful! The lippy is sooo fantastic on you!

    1. Thanks gorgeous. I agree, the lippy pleased me

  8. Definitely like that Lippy on you! And glad you found a winning solution for the shadow :)

  9. I like the nude lip on you! Beautiful as always!

  10. I'm loving the lippie, you are so cute :)

  11. That lippy is ridiculously pretty and chic on you. I love how creamy these tinted balms are looking. Way to make the shadow work for you, as well :)


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