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Bridesmaid Duties OOTD - Wedding Flow

Hello Everybody!
Hope y'all are feeling well.. 
On the blog today is a post with an outfit I wore as a bridesmaid at my friend's wedding this past weekend in Atlanta. 

This was my second time being a bridesmaid in my life - the first time I was maid of honor at my godson's mother's wedding. If you know me, you know I love weddings and I always get excited when ANYONE is getting married. Lol.. 

This wedding was a beautiful wedding and I had so much fun!!!
All of us bridesmaids wore pretty blue dresses. Even though the blue looks purple in some lights. 

I only managed to get a few pictures and I hope y'all  what I have here. It was a busy day and before I could get pictures taken, my face was already tired looking and makeup was kinda wearing out.
My hair is from Ideal Hair Arts and I didn't really have on heavy makeup because our dress was already so bright and gorgeous!

Each of us girls looked lovely in our dresses and our bride was glowing in her outfits of the day as well! I would show pictures of her that I took with my camera, but I have no permission to do that.

I personally had to be careful in this dress. lol.. The top part took some skills to not spill out my goodies especially while dancing. BUT there were no accidents and that's great!

My bff was the maid of honor at the wedding because the bride was her cousin. 
Here she is. 

The picture below is blurry I know, but this was our entrance.

My friend below was the one who had my camera almost all day while we performed bridesmaid duties, and she took a lot of blurry pictures. Lol.. although I still thank her for taking some lovely pictures. 
Say hi to our photog of the day.  (She was matching our bridesmaid color. Lol)

Here's the bff and I. In a kinda blurry picture taken by the lady above. Lol.. 
We didn't get to take much pictures together for my camera cos she was running around performing MOH duties. 
P.S: I did her makeup, and you should ignore my weird looking hair in this picture. 

And that's it for now y'all. 

Once again, I LOVE WEDDINGS and I Had a wonderful time at this one.
Next time I'm in a wedding party, I'll certainly BE SURE to take pictures right after getting dressed and doing my makeup. At this wedding, I did the brides makeup for her reception look and so, I didn't have time to focus on myself as the bride was our focus (as it should be anyway).

I hope y'all enoyed this little peek into my life.
Have a wonderful new week everybody.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. You all looked beautiful! Loving the new colour and layout also :)

  2. Love that colour on you, looks like you had the most amazing day!

  3. you all look beautiful.
    love your grown and hair.


  4. You say i took blurry pictures!!!! I say i did a great job..(if i say so myself)..LOL

  5. the dress is gorgeous and you look amazing!

  6. I'm loving that blue dress! So beautiful! Plus, your photog is sassy, and I love it!

  7. You look fab that color is amazing on you!

  8. Beautiful dresses! You look gorgeous!

  9. You look great, beautiful color dress.

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  11. i really like the blue shade. also love ur makeup and hair!

  12. Your such an amazing person! Newest fan!!!!

  13. Alway looking good...

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