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Styling My Hair Like Lupita Nyong'o - Oh Yes I Did!!!

Hello Hello Hello!!!

So, as the title stated, I kinda sorta styled my hair like Lupita Nyong'o.
I've been having Lupita fever as some of y'all know...  (if you follow me on instagram), or read my post about Who Lupita Nyong'o is, and why people love her.

With her recent win at the Oscars and all the buzz around her name, her style, her HAIR, her face, her skin... and you get the point right?? I had to style my natural hair like her.

This DIY lady is totally intrigued by how frequently Lupita changes her hairstyles! One day she's short haired, the next day it's slightly longer than the previous day. Her hair either grows like weed or she's a magician. I honestly don't know which it is... but I give credit to her stylist!

So you guys know my hair is natural ... and so getting that Lupita look wasn't that hard to do.
Lookie here!

Here is what I was kinda going for...

Okay, So maybe it isn't entirely Lupita-ish, but I tried. Right?  LOL...

Lupita has so many facial expressions and she wears bold makeup against her gorgeous skin tone, so I went for something kind of bold too with my face!

Don't ask why my mouth was open in these two pictures.. In my head, the mouth open made me look Vogue. LMBO

On my Lips: NYX - Shocking Pink with gloss on top
Bella Terra Powder/foundation for my face
Urband Decay Eye pencil inside my eyes (blue). 

I liked this picture below of me adjusting my camera, so here you go... 

Sooooooo, I obviously didn't cut my hair to get this look. Lol.. I pretty much combed my hair and patted it with my hands all over to get this shape.

My hair shrinks and so it was easy to pat it down and on the sides to create the Lupita style I was going for.

I honestly realized that no one can pull a Lupita hair style like SHE does, so I respected myself (lol) and styled my hair MY way. I also adjusted my makeup a bit by adding a smokey eye and changing lipcolor. Notice it or nahh?

Big buns, big hair etc fit my round face better, so I'll stick to this. lol... I must however give credit to Lupita cos she certainly reminded to let my natural hair out.

And that's it for now lovers!! Muaaahhhhhh

 Soooo, what do y'all think of my attempt at Lupita's hairstyle?

Share your thought below.. Ask questions .. or do whatever you like in the comment box.. lol..
Till Later y'all, God Bless.


  1. Lizzie, that first picture of you with "your look" is absolutely stunning! <3

  2. Stunning! You definitely have the Lupita look down!

    1. Ohh really? I didn't think I did it justice but thank you dearly!

  3. Your skin is flawless and you look super gorg here! <3

    1. Lol.. Girl, Don't play. Far from Flawless... But I thank God. and THANK YOU!

  4. Amazing! That look is very red carpet worthy!

    1. Ohhhhh... Thanks! I just need a dress and an invite to a red carpet. Lol

  5. Replies
    1. You are wonderfully too kind! Thanks dear.

  6. That make up is flawless,
    I love the second look, though you looked good in Lupita's hairstyle
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  7. Beautiful! You pull off both looks super well! :D

  8. that's fabulous, great job you've done girl!!

  9. your makeup looks flawless.
    love your hair.


  10. Love it, and your makeup looks awesome :)

  11. Really suits you, and I love how subtle your make up is

  12. This was amazing! Want to do it for a wedding I am attending.Please give me tips, I am natural too but can you help on which products to use...


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