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Coloring my hair from Ideal Hair Arts - Ombre DIY Hair

Hello everyone.

How are y'all doing today?
On the blog is a post on how I DIY Ombre my hair!!

I had black hair that I wanted to graduate into brown/blonde, and so I thought to do it myself because I am after all the DIY Lady. 
I attempted DIY Ombre hair before and I blogged about it then, but as you all might remember, that experience wasn't so great.
This time around, I did some things differently and my result made me happy!
Be the judge. Look below, whatcha think?

As I stated earlier, this hair is the one I reviewed previously on the blog by ideal hair arts. I am also wearing a closure from them. I didn't bleach the closure so that the colors graduate nicely into each other.

Now to the technical part.
How I did this.

These are the basic things I used. A 40 developer and bleach. Yep, no extra color was used for my hair. Just bleaching and developer.

I mixed it both in a bowl and made sure the consistency was like this. Kind of creamy but not runny.

I used a toothbrush as seen in the mixture bowl above to apply the mixture on the hair. I bleached the hair before sewing it on. This made things so easy and helped make sure that I got the bleach to exact the parts I wanted it. Things went really fast and I didn't take pictures because I was using both of my hands for this process.

I applied the bleach in layers an I tried to use the brush to apply strokes so that I don't have a line of demarcation but actually flow from color to color... I also applied the bleach to the bottom of the hair, waited about 10 minutes and then applied bleach to the next section to create a graduated color.

Reason for waiting between color is so that one section bleaches more than the other section. Total bleaching time was like 30 minutes for each bundle of hair.

I wrapped in the foil paper, and I checked on the coloring at various intervals to make sure it was fine.

p.s: be careful when opening the foil wrapper, it gets hot yo!!!

And here are all 4 bundles all done, washed, deep conditioned and hanging on a door knob.

Here's the conditioner I used. It was amazing, conditioning is very very important because bleaching hair leaves it dry and nearly damaged which makes it easy to break. So you want to make sure you condition it well after the process.

I didn't use shampoo- because that really strips the hair and since it wasn't dirty, as I had washed it after before decided to color it I rinsed a lot though to ensure the bleach was off completely.

And also I use this amazing argan oil by crème of nature, it was really the icing on the cake.

p.s; this is ALL I use on my weaves. Nothing else. No hair sprays no nothing

This was the braiding pattern I sewed on. I have to thank a friend of mine for helping me with this part as I usually dread braiding my own hair before I sew on it.

I didn't mind the size or perfect-ness of the braids, no one would see them so I didn't care. But they are actually neat and nice.

The picture below shows one bundle of hair after it got dry and I was ready to sew it on, this picture s not edited and so you can see the true color of the ombre hair.

As you can see too, this hair from ideal hair arts bleached well, and still retained it natural curls. You must remember, this was the same hair I wore for a couple of months previously and I have washed this hair for about 5 times total now.

And voilà!!!!

Also, I tried something dramatic with my eye makeup but bahhh, this isn't about my face. It's about the hair. I added some loose curls to it with my Kor hair wand.

That's it for now y'all.
Got questions? Ask away, Till later, God Bless.


  1. This looks gorgeous!!! I have to some up some courage to try this on my own :)

  2. LOVE it!!! it looks beautiful!! Blonde looks amazing on you btw!!

  3. The ombré looks amazing on you!

  4. Oh, come do my hair, please! <3 You look AMAZE, doll! <3

  5. i just had my hair ombre'd last week and i love it! but you ma'am, you look hella fierce!

  6. Love your ombré hair it looks gorgeous
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