Wheelchair Fashion: OOTD - Casual Saturday

By Lizzy O. - May 09, 2015

Oh Happy Day Lovers!

It's Saturday and round here, we're sooo happy and happy and happy! 
Here's an OOTD from last Saturday.... I kept it casual in a Black and Gold dress ... *Pauses*.. 

Ok, I kid I kid.. LOL... I kept it casual in a White and Blue dress ... It was a bit windy, but the sun was out and it's springtime, and I was just feeling mahhhseeelfff!!! I Threw on a headband, some sandals, and I was ready for the busy day. 

Since it was a bit windy, I had a small white sweater handy to keep me kinda warm... 

If you've been following my blog and Wheelchair Fashion for a while, you'll know that I had slight reservation for dresses that aren't floor length... But, lately darlings, I've been OK with dresses that go past the knee. I wouldn't accidentally flash anyone, and I can still show off some legs *giggles*

My spring time purse wasn't actually supposed to be in the pictures, but I didn't move the items far enough and my forced photographer couldn't be bothered. (smh)

This dress flattered my body shape, and I can't complain about THAT.. LOL

And that's it for now loves...
I Hope you have a great Saturday today!

Till Later, God Bless.

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  1. Lol, you are too funny. I was ready to scroll down and look at the colors of the dress again. Beautiful outfit. I also feel your pain on the "forced photographer" part lol

    1. Hahaha.. Late response. But Thanks boo, and glad we share the pain.. I mean Joys of forced photographers.


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