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Wheelchair Fashion OOTD: Worn Out Jeans and Firmoo Glasses

Hello world!

Happy Saturday, and I hope your day is going great. 

Today I have an OOTD post where I incorporated my new glasses from Firmoo
If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you've seen how much in love I am with this new glasses from Firmoo. Firmoo just GETS ME when it comes to glasses. I've loved every pair I've ever gotten from them, and I certainly firmly recommend them for your glasses - Prescription or not. 

I have 20/20 vision, but I love that I am able to get glasses from firmoo that gives me that prescription glasses feel, while still being fashionable.

I picked up this pair because it's unlike any other glasses I own, and I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I must mention, I have NO REGRETS!

Firmoo's packages always arrive on time, and the products look quality.

What I love most about this particular glasses is the color combination.

The glasses cleaning cloth is great for getting the glasses back to like-new if it gets dirty. I actually also use it to clean my camera lenses. 

Firmoo's non prescription glasses do not give a blurry look when worn. They're crystal clear.

And now, time to get conceited rocking my glasses.

Full outfit....

This is a DIY torn jeans I made all by myself, including the hearts.

And what's a photo session without a selfie!!!

So Darlings, do you love This Glasses I am wearing? CLICK HERE to go directly to it. Or if you want to check out other glasses by Firmoo? CLICK HERE
You can virtually try on glasses before you purchase. Just upload a picture of yourself without glasses on, and you are able to see how the glasses look on your face before you buy it.

Thank you for visiting loves,
That's it for now. Till Later, God Bless.

Glasses sent for review. Opinions 100% mine


  1. Looking fabulous.
    Firmoo does not deliver to Nigeria..... I pray it works out soon.

    1. I sure hope they see this and start delivering to Nigeria..

      Thanks hun.

  2. Love the new glasses! I am so hooked on my old titanium frames because they are so darn light weight, I hardly know they are on my face - I won't even go look at new frames and I need a new prescription but can't figure out how to manage to see and still send mine in!

  3. The glasses look great and i can't take my eyes off those tiny heart on your jeans -So cute


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