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3 Tips For Taking Better Selfies - Discountrue Teaches

Hello lovers!

Hope you're having a lovely day so far... 

On the blog today I have a post by the lovely people at Dicounstrue - a fresh couponing site. 

Let's talk about Selfies!!! Yes, selfies are not new and they don't appear to be going anywhere any time soon... so... why not master the art? 

As a self proclaimed do-it-yourself -lady, I LOVE selfies and I have quite perfected the art of selfie taking, If I do say so myself

However, I have not yet been able to put down my selfie taking skills in words, and so when I got the chance to post this article by Discountrue, I was like Yassss, I think my readers would love this one. What better way to document your lovely outfit of the day when no one else is around? 

Anyway, without further ado, here are 3 Tips For Taking Better Selfies.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter all have one thing in common – they make it easy for you to share moments of your life with everyone around you. If you’re anything like me, you probably use one, if not all three, of these social media sites to connect with your friends and family. Of course that means you’re probably aware of just how hard it can be to take a really good selfie. So, how can you up your selfie game? Here are three tips to get you started.

1 - Subject: Pick Something Interesting

When you think of selfies you most often think of the subject as yourself. But, you can take a much more interesting picture by focusing on something unexpected – like taking a photo of your shoes, or your toes curled up in the sand, or your piercing eyes. People post photos of their faces all the time. Break the cycle by posting something other than your precious pout.

2 - Composition: Position Yourself for Maximum Effect

A photograph is like a piece of art, and with all good art you can improve the visual appeal of a photo by giving it good composition. When it comes to selfies, that often means getting the best possible angle. A lot of people prefer the effect of a down shot – that is when the camera is pointing down from above. This type of angle creates an optical illusion that makes the subject look thinner, and sometimes younger. Hence, why the down shot is so popular. If you have a hard time getting a good down shot, consider getting a selfie stick. It’s a stick that allows you to hold your phone out farther from you, thus giving you the best possible angle. You can get one, for example, at Kohl's at a very attractive price – just remember to use Kohl's coupons and deal codes.

3 - Lighting: Choose Lighting to Make You Look Good

For the most part, bad lighting makes for bad photos. There are some circumstances where poor lighting might give you a good effect – for example, back lighting can create a very interesting silhouette effect. A sunset can really set a romantic mood and create a fantastic background for a photo. But, if you’re not specifically going for a special effect, the best light is natural sunlight. Dim lighting will make your photos grainy and dull, indoor lighting can make you look flat or jaundiced – but natural sunlight will always make you look good. So when you’re trying to get a good selfie, make sure you are taking into account lighting; if you can go outside, do it. If you can’t go outside, try positioning yourself near a window for the best possible lighting.

These tips can help you take better selfies, but the truth is that no amount of composition or lighting will make a photo really great; the best selfies come from capturing a meaningful moment. Everything else is just the cherry on top.

I couldn't agree more.
I Hope you lovelies enjoyed these tips and put them to great use.

Also, check out the Discountrue on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus

Thanks for coming, Till Later, God Bless.


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