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Wheelchair Fashion OOTD: Leopard Print + Red Skirt


I know y'all are so tired of my in and out blog posts.
I'm like, here today, gone tomorrow... Lol.
I can give multiple reasons , but I won't, because I fear they'll only end up sounding like excuses.

However, I am so thankful to you guys who continue to show me love and run to the blog when I have a new post!  Y'all are the real MVPs.
Also, shout out to those who know that I didn't vanish from the face of the earth because my Instagram proves I'm alive. hahaha....

Anyhooooo.... this is my second post this week, don't forget to check out yesterday post on Tips for taking better selfies.
Today's post is an Outfit of the day!
I have seen multiple people mix animal prints with bold colors (first person that comes to mind is IronyOfAshi), and even I have done it a few times, but dare I say my combination for this ootd is by far my fave print + bold color combo ever?
Enjoy pictures below.

Red Skirt, Leopard Print shirt, nude wedges and bag with some gold accessories. 
Oh and of course tights, because you guys know.. No above the knee skirt on the wheelchair is complete without some fancy tights. I have a gazillion. Seriously, solely for this purpose. 

This outfit on this particular day had me feeling good, and dare I say.. My Waist was Snatched Huntttyyyyy!!!! LOL

Snapchatters made me feeeeeeel all the love with the endless compliments, and NO y'all I am not losing weight (I wish I was), but it was just something about this outfit that had me looking and feeling good. Like a Boss.. like I was calling the shots.

The sun was out and it wanted vengeance, but I braved through it for this mini shoot.

Thanks for stopping by loves.

To those who have sent emails wanting more wheelchair fashion posts, I hope I've made you happy?
I'll try and get my life together y'all, and I will post more.
Till Later, God Bless.


  1. those tights are gorgeous!! love the look ;)

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

  2. Alwz looking fab. Love the look.

  3. بی اف تی برند مشهوری در ساخت راهبده ارائه قیمت راهبند پارکینگ به صورت آنلاین امکانپذیر نیست راه بند نیست راهبند است. تخصص ما عکاسی از کودکان لجباز و خجالتیه ، پس نگران نباشید . برای مشاهده عکس های آتلیه کودک ما حتما قبل از تشریف فرمایی هماهنگ فرمایید . بچه ها جون آتلیه سمت شهرک غرب سراغ دارین ؟ عکس ساده و شیک ، طراحی گرافیکی با فتوشاپ و دوست ندارم . ساده ساده .


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