Wondering how you can do it yourself? Well worry no more, because I have some tutorials and Tips for you.

To see full tutorials, click the link above each image to learn how you can also become a "Do It Yourself Lady", because I know You too can do it yourself, lady. ;-)

First and foremost, I wrote a Post about my naked nails, Nail Care routine, and how I take my pictures/polish my nails.
CLICK HERE to read The Naked truth About my nails as well as read on the nail care routine.


Gradient Nails


Easily Removing Glitter or Shimmery Polishes
Here's a trick for easy removal of glitter or shimmery polishes
  1. Bring out one cotton ball and your acetone polish remover (regular remover works too). 
  2. Tear apart the cotton ball into 10 little pieces. 
  3. Saturate each piece with polish remover, place and push it down on your nails.
  4. Repeat step 3 for each nail. Wait 2-3 minutes while your nails soaks up the remover from the cotton.
  5. While you wait, bring out another cotton ball, slightly put some polish remover on it.
  6. After 2-3 minutes use the cotton ball in step 5 to push down on each of the cottons on your nails, and drag with some force. Don't push too hard to avoid hurting yourself. lol
  7. You should see that most if not all of the polish on your nail is gone by now. 
  8. Clean up excess polish with ease if you still have left overs. 

Holographic (Holo) Polishes
We all love Holo Polishes, but most are sheer and in order to get them opaque, you will need a lot of coats, which means slower drying time. which also means, your polish might smear with any slight movement by you. So here's a tip for you ladies: To get your Holo Polishes to be opaque, pop and come out in all their beauty, apply a base coat that's in the same color group as the Holo polish.

Step 1: apply 1-2 coats of your base color
Step 2: Layer base color with 1 coat of Holo Polish.

Tips for Layering Glitter Polishes (12/26/2011)
I love the Idea of layering glitter over glitter, but I had always been doing it the wrong way. Whenever I did it, I would use about 4 polishes, and directly apply each polish with the brush in the bottle on my nail. What I get at the end of the day is chunky/bulky nails that take forever to dry. I finally discovered a way to use 2 or more polishes without waiting forever for it to dry. And no, it's not by using Seche Vite topcoat, so if you don't have Seche Vite, You'll be glad to learn this method. :-)

Here's a picture of my Christmas mani.

For my Christmas Mani, I used three main glitters and used China Glaze - Fairy Dust as my topcoat, and it dried in record timing.
The way to get all the glitters on your nails without having to wait forever is by simply sponging each polish on your nails. For my Christmas mani, I started by sponging on Kleancolor CH scarlet, then sponged on Sinful Colors - Queen of beauty, then Sponged on e.l.f - Golden Goddess, and used China Glaze - Fairy dust as my top coat. 

Sponging makes the glitter in each polish transfer on to your nails without little or none of the liquid in the bottle.
If you directly paint each polish on your nails, it would be really chunky, less glitters will transfer (except you layer, and layer and layer), and it would take forever to dry. 
For sponging, your can use one of those eye-shadow applicator things, or a make-up sponge. 

I hope I explained this well. Please ask me any questions you have concerning this, and I'll be glad to answer.

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