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Colores De Carol - Carnation Swatches & BPS 3D Nail Art Bow

Hello Darlings!
On the Blog today is a super girly mani!
I am extremely happy with my result and I hope you guys enjoy what I did here. 

I'll start off with showing you swatches of Colores De Carol - Carnation.
This is from her Blooming Garden Collection and it's a white based polish with square and round red glitters with some hex glitters in black/deep red.
I  absolutely loved this just looking at it through the bottle it was in. But I certainly loved it more on my nails!

For my swatches, I layered Carnation over a white polish because I didn't want to build opacity with the jelly base.
I used 2 coats of Carnation and dabbed a few glitters where I wanted more.

The combination of glitter is lovely and I am just in LOVE with this!

Since Carnation was giving me such a Girly Vibe, I whipped out my Born Pretty Store 3D Nail Art Bows! 
I didn't know if I wanted the bow on each nail, so I started with One accent nail. 

I challenged myself, and went for two bows!!! Then I thought, This is good enough, stop now. 

Here are the 3D Bows From Born Pretty. This is how it was sent to me for review. 

For application, I whipped out my super glue! I knew regular clear nail polish wouldn't hold these babies in place for long (I experimented - the bow stayed in place with the clear polish, but it looked ready to fall off in a bit). But with Super glue, the bows are still on my nails INTACT - hours after, as I type this).

 The Result once again?.. Lookie below!

 Completely stable bows on my nails. The bows compliment Carnation so well.

3D Nail art pieces weren't usually my cup of tea, but I am quite liking this bow, it's not too big, nor is it too little that it frustrates you picking it up. I was able to pick it up with just my fingers and place it on the spot I dotted the glue. I must mention though, I can only see myself using this when I want to create these kind of cutesy girly manis

If you're interested in Carnation By Colores De Carol, Please CLICK HERE to Purchase and check out other polishes by her.
Follow Colores De Carol on Facebook, and Her Blog for more updates.

The 3D nail Art Bows Can be purchased From Born Pretty Store - It's an Online Nail Art Store and shipping is always free, including international shipping. 
BPS was kind to give my readers a coupon code, so use the code below FA7J61 to get 10% off your Order. :-)
Click Here or the Image below to go purchase. 

Alrighty sugars, I Hope you enjoyed today's Girly mani!
That's it for now.
Till Later, God Bless.


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